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C.G.C.M. Podcast – Ep#19 – Debut Albums Part 1

On this week’s episode the Canadian Geeks discuss the greatest debut albums of all time! To clarify, Wallygator and the Meister run down their own personal top 12 debut albums of all time. How were these albums chosen for such a distinction you ask? Commercial success? Critical acclaim? Public voting? Not a chance! The boys drank a bunch of beer and compiled their top 12’s directly from the heart.

There’s the thing art is subjective, the only criteria for the CGCM Top 12 Debut Albums was it had to be a full length album (8 songs or more) and it had to stir the soul or tickle the nether regions of the hosts. So please join us for a new plate of CGCM silliness for part one of this utter nonsense.

As always they get things rocking with the D.I.T.D. (Dick In The Dirt Track).

Wallygator’s D.I.T.D. Track – Light In The Dark – Revolution Saints

The Meiser’s D.I.T.D. Track – Born Trucker – Trucker Diablo

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