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Joel Gausten – REVIEW – Day of Errors: “Day of Errors” / “Blaspheming at Creation”

Here is a sample of Joel’s review of the new Day Of Errors album, featuring Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward.

On November 17, the legendary Black Sabbath said goodbye to their worldwide fan base with the release of The End, a multi-format representation of their “farewell” concert recorded in Birmingham, England earlier this year. Some hardcore fans might argue that Sabbath’s true final show was performed at the conclusion of the 2005 Ozzfest tour, as that was the last time original drummer Bill Ward performed a full set with the band before failed negotiations halted his participation in their supposedly final activities. In an interesting coincidence, November 17 also marked the official recorded debut of Ward’s new band, Day of Errors, who unveiled two songs, “Day of Errors” and “Blaspheming at Creation,” on various digital platforms late that evening.

Go here to read the entire review.

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