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No Guitar Is Safe – Episode 62 – Joe Satriani Returns

Presented by D’ADDARIO strings and accessories, JOE SATRIANI plugs into a Marshall half-stack and shares sneak previews of his forthcoming album, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, releasing January 12. (Album samples used with permission from Sony/Legacy.)That’s right — we not only hear final mixes from the record, Joe also shows you on the fretboard exactly how he plays the songs, and what inspired the parts. And he jams with me on a few tunes, too! This episode also marks the first time a No Guitar Is Safe guest has returned for a second interview — and who better to be that person than the great Joe Satriani? After all, he was my very first guest, 62 episodes ago! …. Thanks again to D’Addario ( for making this very special episode happen! —JUDE GOLD, host, NO GUITAR IS SAFE podcast.

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