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The Hustle – Episode 163 – Jack Hues of Wang Chung

Wang Chung scored some of the biggest, and most ubiquitous, hits of the 80s with seminal songs like “Dance Hall Days,” “Let’s Go,” and, the mother of all 80s hits, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”. Though Blender magazine may have ranked that hit the 3rd worst song of all time, it’s never gone away and is as well known today as it was 30 years ago. Jack and I talk about how that song came to be and how it’s affected his life. We also go deep on the rest of…

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Every music lover has that one good song or album that’s ruined by a shitty time or person. This particular exploration of music rendered unlistenable may be the first documented interview in which the immortal Beatles are discussed in the same conversation as party-rock band Buckcherry’s crass-ballad “Crazy Bitch.” For Nothing More’s Daniel Oliver, Jäger Bombs, t-boned trucks and blue Mohawks have forever tainted some of his favorite music. For Nothing More guitarist Mark Vollelunga, a bad breakup claimed a cherished emo band as a casualty. Learn the stories behind…

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Morgan Richards Interviews – Adam Cole talks Undisputed Era, Bullet Club and his plans for the NXT North American Championship

NXT North American Champion Adam Cole (Bay Bay) talks to me backstage at Download Festival 2018 on shocking the system in WWE, creating the Undisputed Era with Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, taking inspirations from Bullet Club and The Kingdom and how he plans to defend his title.

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Tramps Like Us – Peter Criss, Lita Ford, Dee Snider & G.W.A.R. at Rock’n’Con – Rockin’ and Rollin’ and Whatnot ep6

I had a good time meeting some rock’n’roll heroes at the Rock’n’Con in London, Ontario. I’m breakin it down, layin it out and sharin the details for this episode.

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Music Is Win Podcast – Episode 33 – Martin Miller, the Soulful Shred Guitar King

Welcome to Season 2 of The Music is Win Podcast! This new season will feature a variety of different show types, including traditional guitar hang / interviews with some amazing players, long-form guitar lessons and chats with yours truly, and Q&A’s with Bethany, and much more! This podcast will serve as a communication arm from me to you, so you’ll always be up to date with all things Music is Win. In the premiere of the second season, I sit down and talk shop with the awesome Martin Miller, a…

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Cobras And Fire – EP 130: O Devil Where Art Thou, The Devil’s Role In Rock

This week Loose Cannon and Bakko get back to their roots with an episode of Devil music. Along with an exciting announcement regarding a new attraction added to Cobrafest 18, there sadly has been another cancellation as well, Ken Mills has a new podcast and Cobras & Fire has the exclusive scoop on that, Bakko explains his preference for not streaming has nothing to do with the almost 3 year difference in his and Loose Cannon’s age and they offer some sympathy for the Devil as they breakdown the role…

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Heavy Pod Is Heavy Is Heavy Cast – 130 – No Acoustic Drums Allowed

You may be shocked to learn that this episode being late isn’t actually my fault. Anyway, regular co-host Cody joins me this week to discuss literally nothing. Memes are real: Weezer covered Toto‘s “Africa”. New stuff from Chthe’ilist, Defeated Sanity, Obscura and Hoth. Then we do a cool people section on Cody starting to play bass (plus some useless tips for me about learning bass), Hereditary, Hollow Knight, God of War (extended spoilery discussion) and Ocean’s 8. Enjoy!

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No Guitar Is Safe – Episode 74 – Mimi Fox

Today, we cruise the ‘copter up the Bay Area, north of San Francisco, and drop in on renowned jazz virtuoso MIMI FOX. Playing both acoustic (a Taylor steel-string) and electric (her signature-model Heritage jazz box), Mimi reveals some of her favorite approaches to improvisation, song arranging, and performing. She also shares what it was like be the only jazzer at Paul Gilbert’s guitar camp, sign a record deal with Steve Vai, and have late, great jazz legend Joe Pass as her mentor.

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Dig Me Out Podcast – #388: Wider Screen by Fini Scad

Fini Scad only managed to release one album during their short existence, but thanks to one of our listeners we’re giving it a new lease on life. 1998’s Wider Screen, and their EP from two years early, got the band onto Australian radio and television, but they burned out quickly and were gone the same year the album came out. We don’t know what exactly happened, but we do know they left behind an interesting album, partially thanks to the production work of John Agnello (Buffalo Tom, Dinosaur Jr.), who helps…

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