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The Nerfherder Council – The BEST Parts of “The Last Jedi”! NHC – January 7, 2018

Happy New Year, Herder faithful! We’ve got more coverage of “The Last Jedi” for you this week, and we’re just being super positive this time around. There are tons of haters out there, ready and willing to tell you everything wrong with the movie – but not us! We’re all about positivity on this show, so we’re strictly talking about the GOOD points of “The Last Jedi”. There’s plenty to dive into here, because there’s SO much this movie did right. Join us as we put some positive vibes out there in the universe!

Also in this episode, we report on the box office performance of “The Last Jedi” and discuss where we would rank “The Last Jedi” among the 9 live action Star Wars films. Where would YOU rank it? Let us know!

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