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Joel Gausten – ALBUM REVIEW – Black Moth: Anatomical Venus

Check out a sample of Joel’s review of the Black Moth album Anatomical Venus.
Whenever the word “Sabbath” turns up in a press release for a band in 2018, I tend to cringe.
Any Metal band worth their salt will cite Black Sabbath as an influence, but the past few years have seen a procession of new artists following the masters’ lead to laughable – and embarrassingly contrived – extremes. Sure, many of these group look the part, but a listen through one of their insipid platters often reveals a gaggle of hipster hippies with a faux fuzzy production and a frustrating lack of fresh ideas. Not only does the press material accompanying Black Moth’s Anatomical Venus mention Sabbath, but it also features the other sacred “S” word: Stooges. Frankly, doing this is simply asking for trouble and a guaranteed way for me to instantly hate your band. With that in mind, imagine my surprise and delight when I hit “play” on this thing and began a journey through what will quite possibly end up being the very best album of 2018.

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