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Cobras And Fire – EP 117: Supergroups, Paul Stanley Lives to Hate, RATT Raisins, Colt 45

We packed a lot of Cobra Gold in this episode. Topics include the lack of “Super” in Ripper Owens’ latest group. How Joe Satriani managed to never join Whitesnake. Glen Tipton stopping but not quitting. The musical legacy of the Hardee’s Restaurant California Raisins. Mike Portnoy’s post Dream Theater life. Cobras & Fire very first foray into the world of mashups. And Paul Stanley’s latest Bitter, we mean, Twitter blast on Gene Simmons. And we play great songs from “Super” groups of varying degrees of “Super”.

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Ritual Madness Podcast – Episode #174, Natalie Of Midwest Metal Promotions!

Episode #174, Natalie Of Midwest Metal Promotions! First i would like to appolgize. This whole episode i was saying the wrong number for some reason i thought it was #173…..Anyway…. Natalie is a promoter in the St.Cloud area about a hour and a half outside of the Twin Cities. Natalie also works at a record store called Uff-Da Records, She has been booking shows at the Keller/The Red Carpet i have a feeling we will be hearing a lot from her….Enjoy!

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Revolver – Inside Deftones’ ‘Around the Fur’: Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter on Game-Changing Album

White Pony may have been the Deftones’ commercial high point and most critically acclaimed release, but its predecessor, 1997’s Around the Fur, was their creative turning point when the band really found itself and the full range of its expansive, expressive sound. In the first episode of Revolver’s new “Game Changers” series, singer Chino Moreno and guitarist Stephen Carpenter look back at the defiant creative spirit, late-night parties and last-second studio improvisations that led to some of their most timeless music.

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Revolver – Chino Moreno Talks Deftones’ Creative Process, Why “Conflict Is Great”

In August 2017, we visited Chino Moreno in Bend, Oregon, where he lives, and talked to him about his deep relationship with music and how it relates to the Deftones’ creative process. “I listen to music every day. Every morning I wake up and find something new to listen to,” he enthuses in our video interview. “I’m still fucking excited about music.” He also talks about how inter-band conflict fuels and challenges the group creatively, and how he thinks Stephen Carpenter’s guitar playing is “one of the most — if…

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Open Metalcast – Episode #170: Waving and Drowning

Here at Open Metalcast Headquarters we’ve prided ourselves on being punctual with the delivery of Creative Commons Metal Music to your bloodstream via our easy-to-listen podcast format. But sometimes the deliveries are a later than we would like and this episode is much later than it should have been. But fortunately good metal doesn’t spoil while you’re waiting and we have an amazing line-up of Creative Commons Metal ready to give you that much needed infusion. We have music from The Derision Cult, Solem, Beyond Exile, Altars of Grief, Black…

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Revolver – Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz on Challenges Facing Women in Metal

From the Agonist to Arch Enemy, Alissa White-Gluz has established herself as one of the best frontwomen in metal. As such, she’s eminently qualified to speak about the challenges that face women in heavy music, from being treated as gimmicks to being hypersexualized to having their bands lumped together in the mostly meaningless category of “female-fronted metal.” Things are getting better, she says, but the metal community, as well as society at large, still have a lot of room to improve.

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Revolver – Drinking With Deftones: Inside the Band’s Signature Craft Beer at the Belching Beaver Brewery

In the fall of 2016, alt-metal trailblazers the Deftones entered the world of craft beer with a signature India pale ale “Phantom Bride,” which they followed up this summer with another IPA, “Swerve City.” Revolver recently joined the band at San Diego’s Belching Beaver Brewery, which produces both ales, to drink beer, talk beer and help make beer. Deftones’ singer and resident hops head Chino Moreno enthuses in our exclusive video report: “It’s like, when you’re a kid, being in a toy factory.”

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Lead Singer Syndrome – Episode 119 – Bradley Walden (Emarosa)

Emarosa’s Bradley Walden joins the show, telling his incredible story of how he went from being in the military to discovering his own amazing voice and joining a band. Also discussed is Emarosa’s writing process, finding his own identity after filling the big shoes of former singer (and twitter nemesis) Jonny Craig, and how hard it was feeling “under the microscope” when he first joined the band 4 years ago.

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Rock Under Fire – Ep. 44: Greta Van Fleet

In Episode 44, we discuss the most talked-about new band in two decades…possibly since The Strokes. Is Greta Van Fleet really the next Led Zeppelin as critics suggest? Are they the swift kick in the ass the music industry needs to bring back rock and put it front and center again? Or will this all just amount to short-lived hype? We thank all of you who continue to support Rock Under Fire, and we welcome any new listeners to the show. As a rock and roll podcast, we make it…

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Metalsucks Podcast – #229 – Between The Buried And Me’s Tommy Rogers

We discuss the band’s latest record, Automata 1, the reason behind the decision to release this record in two parts (Automata 2 is out in June), the process of making music with his bandmates, why concept records work so well for BTBAM, which of his albums is his most personal, the importance of North Carolina to the bands sound, the way he found his voice through the records, covering Chris Cornell early on in his career, and how lucky they are to be a band that truly gets along with one another.…

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