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Growin Up Rock Podcast – Going Solo – EP037

Hey Ma!!, I’m going solo. In what could very well become a on-going series for Growin’ Up Rock down the road, Steven, Hollywood, along with very special guest Joe Polo from Podcast Rock City join forces to discuss several artist who have left or taken a break from the Mothership bands that helped create their famous status in the first place, to go solo or join forces with other artist in a new venture to create kick ass rock n roll.

One never knows what drives an artist to leave one creative force to join another or in many situations set out on their own to in a sense become their own boss, and take their careers into their own hands. Maybe its money, or maybe its ego. Perhaps its a “yes” man by their side telling them how great they are, and how they are the “real” talent in the band. Hell, for all we know it’s as simple as they hate the other dudes in the band and just need to get away. Either way, it has provided the fans and buyers of all things music, both trainwrecks, and absolute gems of new music to crank loud and proud.

In this first installment of the series, we go deep on a few artist and tracks to find some really great hard rocking stuff to jam the speakers with and on other selections we stay a little closer to the obvious, while choosing maybe the not so obvious tunes to play.

We have great time visiting with Joe Polo and find out a little about his Growin’ Up Rock story. We find out that Joe does like other music besides just Kiss and maybe in not much of a surprise, one of Joe’s selections for the night involves Kiss, go figure, I never saw that coming.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and that you share some of your selections on our Facebook page to start the conversation with other listeners. The one thing we found out when starting to research this episode, was the massive amount of artist especially in today’s musical environment that have created awesome music as a solo act or part of a completely new band apart from what originally they were know for. This is exactly what inspired the reason this may become a on-going series for the GUR team.

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