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Decibel Geek Podcast – Albums Unleashed – Bulletboys with Mick Sweda & Toby Wright Ep317

Guitarist Mick Sweda and engineer Toby Wright join the guys this week to reflect on 1988’s Bulletboys album. Produced by the Ted Templeman for Warner Bros Records, the album reached #34 on the Billboard 200 chart. Correspondingly, the band received heavy rotation from MTV. The videos for ‘Smooth Up in Ya’ and ‘For the Love of Money’ were ever-present at the time.

bulletboys albums unleashed decibel geek podcast

Mick shares the story of how he, bassist Lonnie Vencent and vocalist Marq Torien exited King Kobra. With the addition of drummer Jimmy D’Anda, the band started turning heads quickly in Hollywood, including that of Templeman. Between the chops of the members and an essential image, Bulletboys were armed with plenty of ammunition.

Working as an engineer in 1988, Toby shares his memories from the production side of things including an instance of him showing Mick and the guys reels from the recently-completed ‘And Justice for All’ album by Metallica.

The production of Bulletboys took place at One on One Studios in Hollywood, CA. In this episode, Mick and Toby discuss some differences of opinion on certain aspects of recording and the lessons learned from that process. Additionally, the guys give their thoughts on working with producer Ted Templeman.

Next, we move on to get Mick’s memories on the songwriting process with a track-by-track discussion. Bulletboys features ten very strong tracks. In contrast to other bands of the era, there isn’t a single ballad on the album. Nonetheless, the album thrives in spite of the expected with songs full of attitude and swagger.

Although lead singer Marq Torien has made certain claims about the songwriting on this album, Mick takes time to share his side of the story. In light of Mick’s stories today, it makes for an interesting picture of the making of this album.

Ultimately, the past came back around to the present. Mick reformed with Jimmy D’Anda and Lonnie Vencent to form Lies Deceit & Treachery; a new band with a classic sound. Check out more on them HERE.

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