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Premier Guitar – Review Demo – Modulus Graphite Funk Unlimited RevOLite

A few years ago, I had a chat with Tony Cimperman about the idea of resurrecting Modulus Guitars. His enthusiasm was contagious, as he shared his thoughts on the limitless possibilities of graphite’s application in guitar design. And although he didn’t reveal anything too specific, it seemed that Cimperman and master builder Joe Perman were definitely preparing for a reboot of the storied company. Modulus did, in fact, make its presence once again known over the following years, but the most significant development was revealed last summer at Nashville’s NAMM show, where the revived company unveiled a new adaptation of the Funk Unlimited model. Coined the Funk Unlimited RevOLite, Modulus has developed an incredibly lightweight instrument that preserves the sonic advantages of both graphite and wood.

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