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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 58 – Mike Mulholland (Painless, ex-Emmure, Recon, Thy Art Is Murder)

Doc speaks with guitarist Mike Mulholland about filling in for deathcore titans, Thy Art Is Murder, his time playing in Emmure, rant about guitar playing and gear, his original band Recon and Emmure bringing a nü metal and breakdown-heavy sound to metalcore, rant about Hatebreed, why he left Emmure, taking a “radical sabbatical” and enjoying time off after the band, rant about action movies, and starting his new band, Painless, with the other ex-members of Emmure.

This episode features the song “Mike and Drew” by Heartsick, “Hand of the Devine” by The Agony Scene from their album Tormentor, and “Spellbinder” by Painless.


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