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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 106: Meantime by Helmet

It’s no bullshit this week on the Roach Koach Podcast as we enter Week 2 of Nu-Metal Forefathers Month with Helmet and their album, Meantime. Topics discussed: the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2, the Louder Than Life festival, Who’s Tweeting, Cold responses, #fuckitout, Katatonia, we gotta do Creed?; Daryl=genius, Roach Koach memes, the definition of butt rock, Andy Wallace the god of the boards, “I hear the chug”, papa tendrils, “I’m just here to chug and to crush”, songs about posers, an EP in the street, papa/not the papa, guitar solos, St. Anger, Pantera talk, what defines a Nu-Metal frontman, the Juggalo Hundo, and Papa Talk, where we determine whether Helmet is a Forefather of Nu-Metal.

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