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Joel Gausten – GG Allin: Still Dead, Still Hated, Still Missed

Check out Joel’s article on the late GG Allen.

Five years ago, I drove to the sleepy town of Franconia, NH on a foggy night to witness an event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the death of everyone’s most beloved musical outlaw/coprophagia enthusiast, GG Allin. Naturally, it was one of the most surreal and thoroughly entertaining nights of my life. On July 1 – less than a week after the 25th anniversary of the man’s drug-fueled demise, I again found myself stepping inside the Dutch Treat restaurant for another round of sonic debauchery.
Always a much nicer guy that his legend would suggest, GG’s brother, Merle (who has kept the pungent flame burning since the singer’s death in ’93), was his usual affable, approachable self, holding court at the merch table and serving as The Murder Junkies’ public relations director. Thanks to the success of the band’s most recent tour, his usual avalanche of GG/Murder Junkies-related products was reduced to a relatively scant number of items this time around. Next to the table sat a makeshift tombstone for GG, which the band brought up to his resting place in Littleton earlier that day for a celebration. (The original stone was removed years ago to dissuade fans from shitting and pissing on GG’s grave.)

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