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The Hustle – Bonus – The Songwriting and Collaboration Panel from the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo 2

Another excellent Rock n Pod Expo is in the books and Jon was honored to be asked once again to host a panel on Songwriting and Collaboration. We only had 30 mins this year, but the guests were all excellent. The introductions weren’t recorded, but they were Gary Corbett, keyboardist for Kiss, Cinderella, Debbie Gibson and Lou Gramm, Paul Taylor of Winger and Steve Shareaux of Kik Tracee. The Expo was a rousing success, we hope you all can join us next year!

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Rock And/Or Roll – RA/OR 242 – NASVILLE ROCK N POD EXPO 2018

BJ had a great time at the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo last weekend. Hear him interview Troy Lucketta of Tesla, Paul Taylor of Winger, Joe X. Dube and Brendan Harkin of Starz and Ben and Dakota Denman. And for an encore BJ takes the Canadian Inquisition.

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The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedalShow Podcast – Episode 51…testing…1…2…3…is this thing on??

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 51…we are LIVE…well..we were live when we did this…our first ever LIVESTREAM on YouTube…big thanks to all the guys who tuned in and asked questions. We will do this more often so if you want to ask us some questions make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel…we will actually advertise the next one!

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THE KISS ROOM and The PodKISSt are taking YOU to the NASHVILLE ROCK ‘N’ POD EXPO 2018! Join your hosts Matt Porter and Ken Mills on the longest, loudest, fun filled adventure celebrating all things podcasting and rock ‘n’ roll! Matt and Ken are joined by a star studded cast including Ron Jones, Tracey Jones, Brent Zius (Podcast Rock City), Buddy Baker, Shane Paisley, Robert Bentley, Josh Groves, Ralph Viera (RMCP), Earl Skakel, Joe Lascon, Robin Lascon, Alora Whitten (VeryAlora), Joe Gillies (Alive ’75), Jacob Cade, Ron Keel (KEEL), Paul…

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Modern Drummer Magazine – MD Podcast Episode 156: Bruno Mars’ Eric Hernandez, Pre-Gig Routines, Sugar Percussion Mahogany Kit, and More

In this episode Mike and Mike crack open the October 2018 issue and discuss cover artist Eric Hernandez, who plays with pop superstar Bruno Mars. The education segment focuses on the hosts’ pre-gig warm-up routines. Up for review is a gorgeous stave mahogany bebop drumset from Sugar Percussion. After answering a few listener questions, the show concludes with picks of the week.

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All About The Rock A.K.A. Talking Bollocks Podcast – Podcast Episode 56: Revocation And Revelations From BL Metal Podcast

This month H chats to Revocation main man David Davidson. They have a new album out called The Outer Ones and once H tells him how great it is they pretty much move on to talking about social media and YouTube. Next up H catches up with an old friend, well they met in February, Bjorn Larsson. He is the BL in BL metal podcast but also bass player in legendary Swedish underground death metal band God Macabre. They discuss everything from puking on planes to freezing in Portugal. They…

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Podder Than Hell – Episode 60: Worst of the Best

While at the Rock N’ Pod Expo 2, the gang decides to punish themselves by listening to the worst albums of some of their favorite bands: Megadeth, Van Halen, Styx and Faster Pussycat. Can they get through the night with beer and a prayer? Will Dylan talk about the merits of Mr. Roboto? Does BB actually know what Van Halen’s worst album is? Tune in to find out! Follow Podder Than Hell Podcast: Facebook YouTube RSS

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Joel Gausten – Forever Moving: Inside the Mind of Voivod with Michel “Away” Langevin (w/ Bonus Album Review)

Here is a sample of the interview and review Joel conducted with Away. I recently re-connected with drummer Michel “Away” Langevin (the subject of one of my most-read posts of 2016) to learn more about The Wake and Voivod’s enduring place as the most brilliantly odd band in Metal. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about Voivod is that no two albums have ever really been the same. Do you go into a recording project with a general creative goal in terms of sound and direction, or is it…

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 519: Eating Our Shreddies

Around here we don’t have much need for these music “reality” type programs. They’re basically glorified game shows that cater to Joe and Jane Average. The music sucks too! BANGER TV, headed by noted music documentarian Sam Dunn, set out to produce a competition series catered to the Metal connoisseur and the more musically inclined. The Shredders Of Metal was born. A six episode YouTube miniseries featuring six Canadian guitarists doing just as the monicker implies – shredding!! Spoiler alert: the winner was this week’s Creature Feature Frankie Carracci. No…

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The Classic Metal Show – Billy Morris and the Sunset Strip Live at Summerbash

Billy Morris and the Sunset Strip perform live at Summerbash (Sorry folks, we continued to have internet issues during this set). Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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