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Decibel Geek Podcast – Your First KISS – Ep329

We’re back this week to wrap up KISSMAS in July by calling YOU to ask about Your First KISS! We hit up Skype this week to talk to friends, fellow podcasters, musicians, etc to get the stories of their first exposure to KISS. It’s a fun trip through the rolodex talking about the Hottest Band in the Land!

Additionally, you’ll get a cool one-on-one chat that Aaron Camaro had with his father-in-law Jimmy. As a teen, Jimmy was one of the few lucky people in Nashville to see their first live performance in Music City. The venue was Muther’s Music Emporium and Jimmy’s recollections of that gig in 1974 are really cool to hear!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 2018 series of KISSmas in July episodes. Hearing about Your First KISS was a nice way to cap off a fun month every year. We hope you enjoy Your First KISS and SHARE with a friend!

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