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Ghost Cult Magazine – Victoria Hungerford Talks Booking Bloodstock Open Air And More

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Keefy for Ghost Cult Magazine:

The biggest underground metal festival in the world, Bloodstock Open Air kicks off today. Headlined by titans of metal like Judas Priest, Nightwish, and Gojira, the festival has grown over the years from a small cottage enterprise to a huge undertaking. One of the lynchpins of the operation is Vicky Hungerford, as one of the four directors of the festival. She is directly responsible for booking the bands on the fest and attracting world-class talent from all over the world. Thus, she helps to shape rock and metal history in the process year in and year out. We chatted with Vicky by phone a few days ago to get her take on BOA 2018, the challenges of planning such a big festival, and much more.



Congrats on another great looking lineup! Every time I think that you can’t top the last years’ lineup, somehow you always do.

Thanks! It’s a labor of love to be fair. I think about it from the beginning of the year when we start thinking about future fests and the what the fans want to see. Fingers crossed, we’ve never let them down yet.

The line up is really deep this year, not just the headliners like Judas Priest, Nightwish, and Gojira.

Absolutely. Nightwish has a bit of history with us. They were one of the first bands we’ve ever had in 2003 when we were an indoor festival. They had never played the UK before and we brought them over to the UK and they sold out the venue. There is a lot of history and love for Nightwish, not just for Nightwish, but for their UK fans. So to have them as the headliner this year, with Floor (Jansen) fronting the band, which is incredible, it seemed like a no-brainer.

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