Earpeeler – The End

Hello To All,

A few weeks back I wrote about the state of this site.  To which I received little to no feed back from anyone, those that did reach out surprisingly form part of some of the bigger podcasts I post about, and to be quite honest are some of the shows that do not need my help to promote what they have going on.  So it was a if a tree falls in the forest moment, does anyone hear?  In the case, no one did.  I had hoped that the site would have caught on with podcasters, or maybe even a news site would have come along, and wanted to partner up to have me help with posting about podcasts.  Neither of these things materialized.  I had hoped that reaching out to people on social media would have made a dent, or perhaps people would have reacted, but it honestly hasn’t made a difference.  Facing the fact that I need to renew a license that I can not afford at the moment, and considering that no one really seems to care, I am pulling the plug on the site.  I believe in podcasting, and would like to believe in the shows that I tried to promote, but unfortunately the feeling was not mutual, It is what it is.

I want to thank those that stood behind me, that helped the site, that believed in the site, and in me.  But unfortunately, after over four years, it’s time to pull the plug, as I can not foresee dumping more money or time in the site.  It is a difficult decision, because this is something that I dreamed up, something I believed in, and like anyone else that is starting a new project, we all think it will succeed, if not we wouldn’t even entertain the idea of moving forward and dealing with all of the crap that goes into running a business.  I did move forward, I did take a chance, and hopefully the shortcomings or failure of the site will help me moving forward in whatever endeavors I take on next.


Victor M. Ruiz

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