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Earpeeler – Podcasting Kings Tournament Update

There hasn’t been any posts on here the last few days because the action has been fast and furious on Facebook. That said, with round 5 winding down, and voting being so close, I did want to post about that and some other items that may be of your interest.

Here are the two semi-final match ups which end tonight:

Match 61 – Rock & Metal Combat Podcast Vs. Decibel Geek Podcast


Match 62 – The Metal Voice Vs. Zilch!


You do not have to sign up for anything to vote, just click on the Facebook link, and click on a logo, that’s it, it takes about a second to cast your vote.

Also Ken Mills of Zilch!, Pop!, Cheat Talk and The PodKisst hosts a recap show with Rock & Metal Combat Podcast host Ian Wadley. These episodes are definitely worth checking out, they’re entertaining, informative, and help me put gas in the tank to do the nightly updates on Facebook Live. Here are links to each recap show:

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

If you want to check out the Earpeeler nightly recaps, go to the Facebook page, a recap of round 5 will take place around 8:15 PM EST.

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