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Earpeeler – Podcast Kings Round 1 – Start To Vote!

Vote for the first round of action, click on the Facebook comment button to be taken to the each individual poll. Or just go here to vote for all. All you have to do is click on the logo of the polls you’re interested in participating in. That’s it, voting ends on September 26, so vote! Match 1 KissFaq Vs. The Kiss Room vs Match 2 Kiss My Wax Vs. Kisstory Science Theatre vs Match 3 Three Sides Of The Coin Vs. Podkisst vs Match 4 Pod Of Thunder Vs.…

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Earpeeler – Podcast Kings

This is Earpeeler’s last hurrah, the Podcast Kings Tournament. Podcasters, here’s your chance to show how loyal of an audience you actually have. Starting September 23rd your listeners will be able to vote for your show in this tournament. The show that makes it all the way to the end, are the Podcast Kings. Go here to see a full screen version of the brackets.

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Earpeeler – The End

Hello To All, A few weeks back I wrote about the state of this site.  To which I received little to no feed back from anyone, those that did reach out surprisingly form part of some of the bigger podcasts I post about, and to be quite honest are some of the shows that do not need my help to promote what they have going on.  So it was a if a tree falls in the forest moment, does anyone hear?  In the case, no one did.  I had hoped…

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Loudwire – Jonathan Davis: 7 Things We Learned At The Musicians’ Institute

The Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood held a Q&A with #JonathanDavis of #Korn– here are the 7 most interesting excerpts from their conversation: including Jonathan discussing his love of #DuranDuran and other ’80s music, his plans for his next album and how #StarTrek inspired him to play #bagpipes.

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Audio Podcast Pop Rock TV 

Zilch! – #123 MONKEES 101-“ROYAL FLUSH”

Happy Global Monkees Day! Drs. Rosanne Welch and Sarah Clark debut their new series for Zilch! entitled Monkees 101. Join them for a fun, thoughtful romp through “Royal Flush,” the first episode of The Monkees to air 52 years ago today, September 12, 1966, and discover some of the deeper meanings of the TV show and music we all know and love to the cultural impact of the Monkees from 1966 all the way to the present. Aired on 9/12/18. If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio…

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Audio Podcast Hard Rock Heavy Metal Interview Metal Music Episode 

Cobras And Fire – Interview EP: K.K. Downing, formerly of Judas Priest

Cobras & Fire is proud to bring you legendary former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing. Talking with Bakko, K.K. talks about his soon to be released auto-biography Heavy Duty, Spinal Tap, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, the Nostradamus record, leaving Judas Priest, the recent comments from former bandmates and so much more in this wide ranging interview. K.K. has some laughs with Bakko while also telling it straight from his point of view.

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Audio Podcast Author Hard Rock Interview 

Muses And Stuff Podcast – EP 87: Erin Everly, Stephanie Seymour & The Rocket Queen

Axl Rose and his band Guns n Roses may have been a well known name on Sunset Strip but the band had yet to cut a full length record when he met model Erin Everly. The two became inseparable however right from the start friends could see it wasn’t the healthiest relationship. Their time together would inspire many of Guns n Roses most well known songs, but the volatile nature of their relationship would overcome any good that was there. After their split Axl would meet another model, Stephanie Seymour…

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Audio Podcast Hard Rock Interview Just Talk Metal Rock Wrestling 

Talk Is Jericho – Neal Schon’s Journey

Journey founder and guitarist Neal Schon played in Carlos Santana’s band when he was still in highschool and solo’ed on the band’s first number one hit.  He talks about meeting Carlos, leaving that band to start his own, his first introduction to Steve Perry (and how he feels about Steve’s recent return to music), developing his guitar sound, and Journey’s songwriting process in the early days vs now. Neal also reveals what happened behind-the-scenes at Journey’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, how the internet led him…

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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 119: Live at Rock N Pod Expo 2, Part 2

It’s our second and final episode of Roach Koach live from the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2. Lorin, Jenny, and Matt talk with comedian Courtney Cronin Dold about working with Jamey Jasta on the roast of Corey Taylor; the team meets Thom Hazaert, a man who has more nu-metal stories than you’ve had hot meals. Street teaming for Limp Bizkit, discovering Papa Roach, getting in fights with Fred Durst and Scooter of Cold, hearing White Pony for the first time high, so many topics are discussed, you need to…

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Focus On Metal – A Dying Majesty

Once again not one, but two returning guests this week. Alex Skolnick returns to give us the run down on the latest from Metal Allegiance “Volume II, Power Drunk Majesty” as well as some commentary on the 30th anniversary of Testament’s “The New Order”. Also this week Mark Tremonti is with us once again, this time to talk about the release of the limited edition book that was written to accompany “A Dying Machine”, the latest from Tremonti. He also gives us some insight on the new Alterbridge release “Live…

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Audio Podcast Hard Rock Interview Video Podcast 

Ages Of Rock – Special Edition: Christopher WIlliams & Phil Shouse Talk About Touring w/Ace Frehley & Gene Simmons

Jet Lagged and Fan Boy moments! We sit down with Phillip Shouse and Christopher Williams to talk about the tour with Ace and Gene. What a ride and great experience for those guys. KISS fans living the ultimate dream. They played with 1/2 of KISS! https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/agesofrock/Special_Edition_-_Christopher_WIlliams__Phil_Shouse_Talk_About_Touring_with_Ace_Frehley__Gene_Simmons.mp3

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Pop! A Pop Culture Podcast – POP! #35 FLEETWOOD MAC REACTION! & MORE!

Ken Mills & Courtney Dold talk the new “Fleetwood Mac” on “Ellen”, they played live and here is our REACTION!. We talk, “POP!” House keeping, New McCartney, “Under The Radar” Slash, Bat Nerd,”This week In Courtney”and what is Poppin’ with us! If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

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