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Ages Of Rock – Episode 129 – Ron Keel (The Metal Cowboy) Joins Us For A Conversation

This week the Metal Cowboy, Ron Keel, takes time out from working on his latest studio project to have a conversation with us. He even gives us a quick tour of the studio. KBACK Radio: Ron’s Website:

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The Metal Magdalene – Drummer Gus Rios of “Create A Kill”

Drummer Gus Rios( Gruesome. ex- Malevolent Creation) was the guest on The Metal Magdalene with Jet radio show on Metal Messiah Radio to talk about his project “Create A Kill” “Old school extreme thrash featuring Gus Rios ( Gruesome, ex Malevolent Creation), Alex Marquez( Solstice,Pessimist, ex Malevolent Creation) , Daniel Gonzalez(Possessed, Gruesome) and guest drummers Dirk Verbeuren( Megadeth, ex Soilwork) and Tobias Gustafsson (Cut Up, Vomitory)”. Create A Kill has a new album out on Repulsive Echo Records called “Summoned To Rise”

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Pop! A Pop Culture Podcast – FUN SIZE #10 Andy Schaal

Andy Schaal returns to the “FUN SIZE” Show and we turn the tables on him. Andy has to guess the Band/Artist & the Song that I have picked. With only 10 questions and 3 guesses. Who will win? the listener! If you have 18:30, join us! Going to try to raise some money for the “ROCKNPOD” Want to be on the “Fun Size” Show? For a $25 donation to the You can be on the “Fun Size” Show with me. Donate $25 and put in the comment field that…

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Chaotic Riffs – Interview with MR Speed Drummer Quinton Kufahl

In the past we’ve done several interviews with Rich Kosak from the Cleveland based Kiss Tribute Band: MR. Speed. This time I reached out to the band’s newest member: Drummer: Quinton to get the perspective of another MR. Speed Member and in his first exclusive interview with Chaotic Riffs Magazine Quinton talks us about what it’s like to go from being a Kiss fan to playing in one of the nation’s most successful tribute bands and also Quinton discusses the influence original Kiss Drummer: peter Criss had on him and…

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100 Words Or Less: The Podcast – Yvette Young from Covet

Episode 315 – If you like technical math rock (like I do) this week will be your jam! I have Yvette Young from Covet on the show. If you haven’t heard of her band, that’s totally fine as they JUST released their debut EP on Triple Crown Records (and it’s really good). She’s an incredibly compelling guest and we discuss tons of stuff like competition, building communities and the word “hella” in the Northern California eco-system. In all seriousness, we discuss some pretty important things and I’d love for you…

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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 111: Meteora by Linkin Park

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we decide that the time is right to return to Linkin Park and their sophomore release, Meteora. Topics discussed: the Roach Koach Live show, Rock N Pod Expo 2, The Putney Update, Who’s Tweeting, Helmet feedback, Butt Strut, the Juggalo Hundo, our history with Meteora, a party pit, the impact and weight of Chester’s lyrics, Linkin Park music videos, #mattsmistakes, the Chester/Shinoda interplay, “I could do with less Shinoda”, the “Faint” video, earning Matt’s lighter, Charles Mansion, Linkin Park haters and fans on…

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Muses And Stuff Podcast – EP 81: Cynthia Lennon

When Cynthia first met John Lennon he was an 18 year old teddy boy more interested in being class clown and playing his guitar then focusing on school work.  Both students at the Liverpool College of Art, Cynthia soon found herself looking forward to seeing him, laughing at John’s sharp wit and swooning when he’d play a tune or two after classes. It wasn’t long before they became a couple, but right from the start Cynthia realized life with John would never be simple. “He wanted me with him for…

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The Ongoing History Of New Music – Hidden Tracks and Sundry

This is a program about the hidden audio that lurks in your music collection. You don’t know about it…you didn’t ask for it…you maybe didn’t even want it…but it’s there…and it needs to be exposed… And it’s more than just hidden songs, too…there’s all kinds of weirdness tucked away—if you know where to look…and when I say “weird”, I mean “super weird”

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Open Metalcast – Episode #179: The Map is Not the Territory

At Open Metalcast Headquarters we take pride in putting together the finest Creative Commons Metal Music available. But sometimes an episode takes on a life of its own. What started off as a pretty straightforward episode suddenly took a few unexpected turns. Not only does this show feature new metal from the comfy realm of 2018 but it also features metal that was released between 1988 – 1990. That’s like a century ago! We didn’t even know they had the Creative Commons license back then (or even the Internet) but…

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Metal Injection – Livecast #472 – The Potato Is Not Worth It

It’s Sid’s birthday this week, so Rob and Noa celebrate by smoking. We talk about various water bug-related incidents. We also share some fun stories from our old college radio station days. Rob shares a story from Mathcore Index Fest. We learn about Dave Mustaine’s views on the Devil, a handsome angel. We talk about Sacah Baron Cohen’s new Israeli character and wrap it up with some wonderful sound bites.

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