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The Metal Voice – Gus G Interview-Talks Ozzy Audition & New Solo album Fearless

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice spoke with Greek Guitarist Gus G (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne). Gus G spoke about trying to make it in music business in Greece, his audition and contributions in his time with Ozzy Osbourne and his new album “Fearless”, which was released April 20 via AFM Records

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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 106: Meantime by Helmet

It’s no bullshit this week on the Roach Koach Podcast as we enter Week 2 of Nu-Metal Forefathers Month with Helmet and their album, Meantime. Topics discussed: the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2, the Louder Than Life festival, Who’s Tweeting, Cold responses, #fuckitout, Katatonia, we gotta do Creed?; Daryl=genius, Roach Koach memes, the definition of butt rock, Andy Wallace the god of the boards, “I hear the chug”, papa tendrils, “I’m just here to chug and to crush”, songs about posers, an EP in the street, papa/not the papa,…

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The Ongoing History Of New Music – The History of Indie Rock: Part 2

The music industry is dominated by three major record labels: Universal, Sony and Warner…they are multi-national entities that control most of the world’s trade in music and all the revenue that goes with it…. But beyond those three companies are hundreds, thousands of labels that do their own thing…and because they are unaffiliated with the big three, we consider them to be “independent”… They are the indie labels….the musicians who record for them are indie artists…this is the universe of the non-mainstream…the experimental, the daring, the outliers, the unusual, the…

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Tramps Like Us – Neil Young vs the 80’s – Rockin’ and Rollin’ and Whatnot ep5

I recently joined BJ Kramp on his podcast Rock And Or Roll to get into some Neil Young 80’s music. I’m happy to bring you that show as a special sidecast crossover episode. BJ and I give a retrospective of Neil’s career in the 80’s and then pick our top 10 favourite songs of his from that decade.

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The Sideshow Podcast – Episode 349: Bleeding Through, Kataklysm, Baptists 2018 Album Reviews + Maine Bandcamp Pick: Zud

Don’t Call It a Comeback Well, actually, that is exactly what you should call it, for one of these anyway. One of these is actually still trying to work their way in for the first time. The other? Well, maybe they should be on their way out…

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Dig Me Out Podcast – #387: Drummers Of The 90s Roundtable

Every decade of rock music and its various sub genre offshoots has produced oft-debated lists of notable drummers, and the 1990s is no exception. From the jazz-influenced speed of The Smashing Pumpkins Jimmy Chamberlain, to the technical progressive prowess of Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy, there is drummer for every style and flavor. Rather than discuss “the best,” we’re talking favorites, both well known and not-so-well known. Who gave us fills we still air drum to at our desks? Who pounded rhythms that make us shake our heads in awe? Whose beats…

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C.G.C.M. Podcast – CGCM EP#39-B.B.B. #10-Round #2-Battle #2-Aaron vs. Williamson

The Canadian Geeks are back with the next battle in the massive “Buzzsaw’s Battle Of The Bands” Playlist Tournament. This episode our combatants have drawn the year 1978 and have painstakingly created some most excellent playlists from music released in that year. This match-up we see Sean Williamson, lead guitar player for the heavy metal band VARGA up against the one and only, Canada’s Metal Queen, Lee Aaron. As you listen to the episode remember that the playlists are played in random order. You won’t know whose list is Sean…

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Discography Discussion Podcast – Episode 068: Demon Hunter – Discography Discussion

The wait is finally over. It’s time for Discography Discussion to dive into Demon Hunter! Demon Hunter has been one of the most requested bands for us to discuss. However, how we feel about this seemingly seminal metal band may not be what you are expecting. Does the band only succeed when they have guests on their records? Is this band original in any way? Does the entire metal community feel betrayed by every new record that’s released? Find out our unvarnished opinions this week on Discography Discussion.

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Rock & Metal Combat Podcast – Episode 210 [email protected]@K Vinnie Vincent/Van Halen Van Halen II

  Check out the latest episode of the Rock & Metal Combat Podcast below. Ian and Ralph, better known as Wadzilla and Dr. Fukk bring you conversations about albums, bands, movies, and anything else that they may want to touch upon, in a manner you will surely never hear of from anyone else. Sit back and enjoy. June 9th, 2018 [email protected]@K Vinnie Vincent/Van Halen Van Halen II

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