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Peer Pleasures – Quentin Smith (Vaux) Episode 84

Hello one and all! This week Dewey sits down with one of the greats! Quentin Smith from the mighty Vaux comes on the show to discuss his life as well as the origin and demise of this amazing band that was far ahead of its time. This is one you don’t want to miss folks so strap in and set it to blow!

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Lead Singer Syndrome – Episode 134 – Anthony Green (Circa Survive, Saosin)

Here it is! The one you’ve been waiting for! Shane speaks with the often elusive Anthony Green, with a surprisingly honest and forthcoming conversation.  Discussed is the truth behind his departure from Saosin, the insecurities and depression he faced throughout his life, his addiction to heroin, and his passion for being so prolific with Circa Survive, Saosin and on his own solo material.

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Dig Me Out Podcast – #389: Foma by The Nixons

The story of The Nixons is not unlike a number of 1990s bands. Record some demos and release them on your own, find a small regional label to release your first album recorded on a shoe-string budget, get some buzz, the major labels swoop in, offer to re-release the album with a few new tracks, new cover art and a fresh mastering job, then throw out a single or two in hopes of a “next big thing” hit, only to see the follow-up album a year or two later (if they got…

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Free Form Rock Podcast – Episode 118- Olden Yolk – Olden Yolk – With Lee Gerstmann

So today we Review Olden Yolk a band that Lee, Loves plus we play 3 songs from the record and 2 tracks of the week.Heart “Bebe Le Strange” And Areosmith”Draw The Line” Plus a new feature before the review We spotlight newer bands This week its Pop Evil”Hero” and Crazy Lixx”Wild Child” So sit back and Enjoy!!

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Alternative Press – IDKHBTFM: My First Time

Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman of I Don’t Know How But They Found Me reminisce their first time getting paid to play, scoring free gear and saying “I love you” and meaning it in the APTV original series “MY FIRST TIME.” Weekes and Seaman hold nothing back–making fun of the first songs they ever wrote, discussing their mutual athletic inadequacies and disclosing Seaman’s bad habit at the movie theater.

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Jay McAllister, better known as Beans on Toast, is an accomplished singer songwriter from England. Jay joined the show on the recent Salty Dog Cruise 2018 and told the story of how he got into playing music in the first place. Plus we delve into his career which spans nine albums and countless tours, his outlook on creating music, what it was like to play on the cruise, and what is next for this talented storytelling folk singer. Stick around fro the double Death Star of the Week, CJ Man…

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Dig Me Out Podcast – #388: Wider Screen by Fini Scad

Fini Scad only managed to release one album during their short existence, but thanks to one of our listeners we’re giving it a new lease on life. 1998’s Wider Screen, and their EP from two years early, got the band onto Australian radio and television, but they burned out quickly and were gone the same year the album came out. We don’t know what exactly happened, but we do know they left behind an interesting album, partially thanks to the production work of John Agnello (Buffalo Tom, Dinosaur Jr.), who helps…

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RAMzine Rock & Metal – Interview with Puppy at Download 2018

After years of waiting, Puppy fans can finally expect the alt-rock trio’s debut album sometime later this year. Embarking on their first true headline tour, RAMzine catches up with Will and Billy on their Download 2018 performance and how to seek the path of enlightenment through the teachings of the band’s adopted cult leader Barry Harambe.

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Modern Drummer Magazine – Episode 147: A Perfect Circle’s Jeff Friedl, Five-Note Bop Comping, DW Contemporary Classic Drumset, and More

In this episode Mike and Mike discuss modern rock journeyman Jeff Friedl, who’s currently touring with A Perfect Circle. The education segment focuses on how to use five-note groupings to create interesting and unusually comping patterns in a bebop style. Up for review is the new Contemporary Classic series from DW. After fielding a few listener questions, the show concludes with picks of the week.  

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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 59 – Sahaj Ticotin (Ra)

Doc speaks with Ra vocalist, guitarist, and producer, Sahaj Ticotin, about how he got his start playing music, his philosophy on producing new rock bands, starting the band Ra and landing a major label record deal, the difficulty of dealing with the pressure of a big budget and trying to crack active rock radio, hitting a wall on Ra’s sophomore album, “the Ra curse”, struggling with the touring lifestyle, transitioning into becoming a producer and songwriter for other artists, debate the future of guitars in modern popular music and the…

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