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Zilch! – #123 MONKEES 101-“ROYAL FLUSH”

Happy Global Monkees Day! Drs. Rosanne Welch and Sarah Clark debut their new series for Zilch! entitled Monkees 101. Join them for a fun, thoughtful romp through “Royal Flush,” the first episode of The Monkees to air 52 years ago today, September 12, 1966, and discover some of the deeper meanings of the TV show and music we all know and love to the cultural impact of the Monkees from 1966 all the way to the present. Aired on 9/12/18. If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio…

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Cobras And Fire – Interview EP: K.K. Downing, formerly of Judas Priest

Cobras & Fire is proud to bring you legendary former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing. Talking with Bakko, K.K. talks about his soon to be released auto-biography Heavy Duty, Spinal Tap, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, the Nostradamus record, leaving Judas Priest, the recent comments from former bandmates and so much more in this wide ranging interview. K.K. has some laughs with Bakko while also telling it straight from his point of view.

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Muses And Stuff Podcast – EP 87: Erin Everly, Stephanie Seymour & The Rocket Queen

Axl Rose and his band Guns n Roses may have been a well known name on Sunset Strip but the band had yet to cut a full length record when he met model Erin Everly. The two became inseparable however right from the start friends could see it wasn’t the healthiest relationship. Their time together would inspire many of Guns n Roses most well known songs, but the volatile nature of their relationship would overcome any good that was there. After their split Axl would meet another model, Stephanie Seymour…

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Talk Is Jericho – Neal Schon’s Journey

Journey founder and guitarist Neal Schon played in Carlos Santana’s band when he was still in highschool and solo’ed on the band’s first number one hit.  He talks about meeting Carlos, leaving that band to start his own, his first introduction to Steve Perry (and how he feels about Steve’s recent return to music), developing his guitar sound, and Journey’s songwriting process in the early days vs now. Neal also reveals what happened behind-the-scenes at Journey’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, how the internet led him…

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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 119: Live at Rock N Pod Expo 2, Part 2

It’s our second and final episode of Roach Koach live from the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2. Lorin, Jenny, and Matt talk with comedian Courtney Cronin Dold about working with Jamey Jasta on the roast of Corey Taylor; the team meets Thom Hazaert, a man who has more nu-metal stories than you’ve had hot meals. Street teaming for Limp Bizkit, discovering Papa Roach, getting in fights with Fred Durst and Scooter of Cold, hearing White Pony for the first time high, so many topics are discussed, you need to…

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Focus On Metal – A Dying Majesty

Once again not one, but two returning guests this week. Alex Skolnick returns to give us the run down on the latest from Metal Allegiance “Volume II, Power Drunk Majesty” as well as some commentary on the 30th anniversary of Testament’s “The New Order”. Also this week Mark Tremonti is with us once again, this time to talk about the release of the limited edition book that was written to accompany “A Dying Machine”, the latest from Tremonti. He also gives us some insight on the new Alterbridge release “Live…

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Ages Of Rock – Special Edition: Christopher WIlliams & Phil Shouse Talk About Touring w/Ace Frehley & Gene Simmons

Jet Lagged and Fan Boy moments! We sit down with Phillip Shouse and Christopher Williams to talk about the tour with Ace and Gene. What a ride and great experience for those guys. KISS fans living the ultimate dream. They played with 1/2 of KISS!

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Pop! A Pop Culture Podcast – POP! #35 FLEETWOOD MAC REACTION! & MORE!

Ken Mills & Courtney Dold talk the new “Fleetwood Mac” on “Ellen”, they played live and here is our REACTION!. We talk, “POP!” House keeping, New McCartney, “Under The Radar” Slash, Bat Nerd,”This week In Courtney”and what is Poppin’ with us! If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

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The Hustle – Episode 175 – Elliot Lurie of Looking Glass

Looking Glass made a brief, but lasting impact in 1972 when they scored the #1 smash “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” off their debut album. After only one more album in 1973, the band broke up and Brandy’s songwriter Elliot Lurie put out one non-starting solo album in 1975 before his music career basically ended. He went on to a long and successful career as a music supervisor for films and is responsible for the soundtracks to films like 9 1/2 Weeks, The Last of the Mohicans, and Jumping Jack…

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Tramps Like Us – ep64 Live from the Rock’n’Pod Expo 2018

We had a rock’n’roll party in Nashville last month at the 2018 Rock’n’Pod Expo. I recorded throughout the day with fans, podcasters, musicians and friends. Talkin about Springsteen and rock’n’roll and whatnot. For this episode I bring you music and conversations with Joseph Wren, Tuk Smith, Craig Smith, Courtney Cronin Dold, Sean Cullen, Gary Corbett, Brian Jacobs, BJ Kramp, Eric Miller, Ian Wadley, Randy Hall, Jay Szczeblewski and Joey Haynie. Enjoy our coverage of Rock’n’Pod Expo 2018, live from Nashville, Tennessee.

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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 68 – Dave Davidson (Revocation)

Doc speaks with Revocation vocalist and lead guitarist, Dave Davidson, about the band he played in previously called Cryptic Warning, the early days coming up in Boston DIY metal scene, the intellectual curiosity that led him to become a student of metal and eventually going to Berklee College of Music, how Revocation secured a record deal with Relapse, the slow but steady progress of the band’s success. signing with Metal Blade records, and how he has gone about developing his personal brand as a virtuoso guitarist. This episode features the…

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Pods & Sods Network – PTE15 – Danny Seraphine Picks the Essential Chicago

Danny Seraphine shares his 10 Essential Chicago songs. Spanning all eras of the iconic band Chicago, Danny picks his favorites, shares memories of early drumming influences, some childhood memories, some really detailed and wonderful stories about the formation of Chicago, colorful memories of playing a mob bar with an owner that insisted on singing Sinatra songs with the band, locking with Terry Kath as a bass player and guitarist, the very first time the original Chicago lineup played together, meeting and working with percussionist Laudir de Oliveira, what happened to…

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Cobras And Fire – Ep 139: The LaFonz, Dio’s Garage Sale, Space Ace

Aaaaeeeeee!!!! It’s Ep 139! The LaFonz, Dio’s Garage Sale, Space Ace – Loose and Bakko discuss Dio’s Garage Sale, Ace’s new Spaceman album, respected rock journalist The LaFonz, David La Roth’s Baagels, and more. Just doing our job!

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C.G.C.M. Podcast – CGCM Ep#45-Rock n Pod Part 2

The rumbling of thunder can be heard from Nashville. Or is that just the Meister’s LPB? No it’s definitely THUNDER and it can be heard on this episode of the CGCM Podcast. Episode #45 is part 2 of the Canadian Geeks going wild in Nashville, Tennessee. The Canadian Inquisition rolls on as contestants attempt to dethrone the current leader, Mr. AAron Camaro! Lots of trash talk and laughs continue as Beavertails, Loonies and Gitch continue to baffle our American friends. Also included in this episode? Interviews with Gary Corbett (Kiss,…

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Dig Me Out Podcast – #400: Half Dead and Dynamite by Lifter Puller

Craig Finn is best known for his distinctive vocal and lyrical style thanks to The Hold Steady in the 2000s. But while that band channeled Bruce Springsteen, The Replacements and The Band for musical inspiration, his 1990s outfit Lifter Puller took a decidedly more angular approach with nods to Television, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Pavement. Digging into 1997’s sophomore released Half Dead and Dynamite, the drugged up and drunken stories familiar to Finn fans are there, but the band backing him presents a different sonic approach, eschewing…

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