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Kiesel Guitars – Johnny Hiland tries… Zeus Headless Guitar

Johnny Hiland visited the Kiesel Factory in San Diego earlier this year, and we had the idea to have him try some modern guitars that you wouldn’t normally see a country guitarist playing. What you see in this video is the first time Johnny ever tried a headless guitar. There was no preparation of what he was going to play. We just handed him a guitar, pressed record, and he played the first thing that came to his mind. Enjoy!

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Audio Podcast Country Lesson 

Back From The Gig Podcast – 3-19-18 – Got To Play The “What Was I Thinkin” Dobro

Went to a studio and hung out with the guy who played the dobro on Dierks Bentley’s early albums. Also learned about how cymbals sound different, and answered a question about arranging parts for a smaller live band.

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Country Interview Video Podcast 

Nashville Drummers Jam – NDJ The Series Sea1 Ep1 Jim Riley And Rascal Flatts

Introducing episode 1 of the new Nashville Drummers Jam series created by David Parks and Tom Hurst. A truly unique “documentary/reality” series you will not see anywhere else. The NDJ series gives a behind the scenes and intimate look at the drummers for some of the most historic and rocking artists and bands of our time. Each with their own unique story of how they got there and stayed on top, they bring us into their worlds, then and now, while giving us some education on the kind of music…

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