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Pure Grain Audio – Thy Art Is Murder Interview on Waffle House, Horrible Hotels & the Smoke Treaty – Tourpedoed #025

On this, the 25th episode of our Tourpedoed interview series, we sat down to chat about the less-than-glorious side of touring with Andy Marsh, guitarist for the Australian deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder. Marsh has stories about the smell of the band’s tour bus, shady but addictive restaurants, and a horrible hotel that they just can’t seem to avoid.

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 507: A Lot to Ingest

UK deathcore meisters INGESTED are currently terrorizing the Metaldom as part of the “Devastation Of The Nation” tour. But beforehand, they were looking to inflict some damage solo. On tour promoting their latest masterpiece of molten metal mayhem “Level Above Human”, we sat down with axeman Sam Yates and skinbeater Lyn Jeffs. We yacked about said new album and what exactly qualifies something to be a level above human. As well, they give us the 411 on their switch to Unique Leader and the current British deathcore scene. Overall, a lot to…

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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 58 – Mike Mulholland (Painless, ex-Emmure, Recon, Thy Art Is Murder)

Doc speaks with guitarist Mike Mulholland about filling in for deathcore titans, Thy Art Is Murder, his time playing in Emmure, rant about guitar playing and gear, his original band Recon and Emmure bringing a nü metal and breakdown-heavy sound to metalcore, rant about Hatebreed, why he left Emmure, taking a “radical sabbatical” and enjoying time off after the band, rant about action movies, and starting his new band, Painless, with the other ex-members of Emmure. This episode features the song “Mike and Drew” by Heartsick, “Hand of the Devine”…

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Ernie Ball – “Rubik’s Cube” Ernie Ball Music Man: Inspired By Jason Richardson

“It’s like a puzzle, it’s a challenge, it’s something I’m always striving to do faster and better. I’ve never really thought that in depth about it. I just like playing guitar.. it’s like a Rubik’s cube.” Hear from Jason Richardson about what inspires him and how his first John Petrucci Majesty changed his life.

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The Metal Podcast – Episode #56

With a roar not a whimper, we came into this world screaming and crying, we should go out the same way…actually, not the case. This is the final episode of The Metal Podcast, it has been with great appreciation that we have sustained such a long and beautiful tenure as your favorite source for metal interviews, but it has now come to an end. I know there will be much sadness and great anger, but we cut you loose from the weekly burden of listening to excellent interviews and our…

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The Metal Podcast – Episode #55 – 70000 Tons of Podcast

70000 Tons of Metal, the world’s largest and first metal cruise sailed to Grand Turk this year and for the first time in many years Godless had to stay home, but I still was able to sail the seas to bring you 70000 Tons of Podcast! We talk about the adventure a little bit more, but our featured interviews were pretty awesome too! With 61 band on board and people from 75 different countries represented this year, it was one of the best I have experienced. Many bands weren’t doing…

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The Metal Podcast – Episode #54 – Good Tiger

Elliot Coleman guests this week on the heels of the release of Good Tiger’s latest record We Will All Be Gone. We attempt to distract him from the basketball game he is watching during our interview to talk about the new record, how the band came together, the scene of which the project was born and the people that share it with them, how he is not even close to a metal guy and didn’t want to even be in a band, his admiration of the Chuck beard, his recent…

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