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RAMzine Rock & Metal – Interview with James Spence of Rolo Tomassi at Download 2018

James Spence of Rolo Tomassi sitting backstage at Download 2018 with RAMzine. Creating a fissure in the UK underground with their fifth album and black metal crossover masterpiece ‘Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It’, James opens up on the challenges the album brought to the table, working with Holy Roar Records and headlining? See for yourselves…

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Make Weird Music – Share: Jaw-Dropper, Ep. 1 – “Animal Lover” by The Residents

“Animal Lover” by The Residents is one of the most terrifying albums I’ve ever heard. I wanted to make a video about it as the first in a new series called “Jaw Droppers,” in which we go into detail about albums that’ve left us slack-jawed. I have a big stack of CDs to get through and these videos should cover the weeks in between interview content. Let us know if you dig this kind of thing!

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Revolver – Prurient’s Dominic Fernow on Influence of Godflesh’s ‘Streetcleaner’

Godflesh’s performance of ‘Streetcleaner’ was the marquee event at Hospital Productions’ 20th anniversary show. See Prurient’s Dominick Fernow explain why that record was a “bridge between subcultures,” and catch the full behind-the-scenes documentary later this month on Revolvermag.com

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A Music Blog, Yea? – Interview with Enter Shikari (Round Two)

Watch AMBY’s exclusive interview with Enter Shikari! Ahead of their performance in Toronto in support of their latest album release The Spark, I had the delight of speaking with Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds. Dive into our conversation as we discuss forest therapy, his tattoos, loving to dance, fun pop songs, extremely honest music.

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The Hustle – Episode 140 – Danielle Dax

Danielle Dax was an artist in the truest sense of the word. Yeah, she had a successful music career during the 80s, but that was just one facet of her boundless creativity. Her career started with an avant-garde group called the Lemon Kittens when she didn’t even know how to play an instrument. Experimentation and performance art remained her guiding force as her solo career took off and she garnered radio play on alternative stations with tracks like “Big Hollow Man”, “Cat House”, and “The Id Parade”. Unfortunately, at the…

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Pitchfork – Björk’s Post in 5 Minutes

By the time Post was released Björk already had a successful career, at least by Icelandic standards. She’d released her first album at age 12, and went on to front the cult avant-rock group the Sugarcubes. Then in 1993 she released her first proper solo album, Debut, to international acclaim. But it wasn’t until Post that Björk became the icon she’s known as today.

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Iron-Cast – Episode 76 – Enter Shikari – Take to the Skies (10th Anniversary Special)

Check out the latest episode of Iron-Cast and their album discussion based podcast below. March 18th, 2017 Join us today, when we at Iron-Cast discuss the debut album from Enter Shikari, “Take to the Skies”, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this Sunday (19 March). Enter Shikari’s blending of multiple genres in their music helped their relatively fast rise in the UK (“Take to the Skies” made it to #4 in the UK album charts). But what of this album? Is it an innovative use of genres or is it…

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Dig Me Out Podcast – #312: Disco Volante by Mr. Bungle

For our first episode of season seven, it’s a requested review thanks to a Patreon subscriber. We’ve talked about Mike Patton previously on the podcast, but never actually revisited an album from one of his many musical outfits. For the first week of 2017, we’re checking out the 1995 sophomore album Disco Volante by Mr. Bungle. Although Faith No More is known for their eclectic brand of hard rock/alternative metal, Mr. Bungle move well past that, playing around with sounds that borrow from a variety of styles including tango, doom…

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Riffing With Christina – 017 – Dennis Lyxzén / Refused

Refused singer Dennis Lyxzén talks about their resurrection, music as a revolution of worlds rather than the world, and how punk rock and No Wave can make alienation beautiful and savage and a shared experience when you’re growing up in northern Sweden. They return to Australia this January. http://traffic.libsyn.com/riffingwithchristina/DennisRefused_RiffingWithChristina.mp3

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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 04 – Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Corrections House, Brain Tentacles, Led Zeppelin 2)

Doc laments on the election results, and speaks with his old friend friend Bruce Lamont, vocalist and saxophonist of bands like Yakuza, Corrections House,Brain Tentacles, and Led Zeppelin 2. They discuss Bruce’s journey as a career musician who has found a way to balance art and commerce over 20 years. This episode features the track “Fruitcake” from Brain Tentacles’ self-titled debut release available through Relapse Records.

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