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Talk Toomey – Ep. 154 Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through) / Graham Hartmann (Loudwire)

Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through joins the show this week. Brandan and I discuss Bleeding Through’s return from hiatus. Brandan talks about why they returned, why they left in the first place and whatever happened to his podcast. Brandan peels back the music and touring business. Brandan also tells us his sports loves and talking with Drew Brees. Graham Hartmann, the senior writer of Loudwire, joins the show to discuss bands continuing on with just one original member. Graham also talks about Loudwire’s Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction series. Rob Rivera…

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The Jasta Show – Episode 357 – James “Human Furnace” Bulloch (Ringworm)

My old buddy James “Human Furnace” Bulloch (Ringworm) joins me on the show today. It was such a fun time catching up with him . We talk some old school road craziness, and partying. Crushing beers, tattoos, and old school hardcore what more could you ask for haha.

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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 56 – Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch, ex-The UTMoST)

Doc speaks with Five Finger Death Punch bassist, Chris Kael, about what attracted him to picking up the bass as a teenager in Lexington, KY, his background as a lead vocalist, moving to Las Vegas and playing with the pop punk band The UTMoST, bartending in Vegas and almost quitting music, the audition process to get in the 5FDP, adjusting to being in a very popular band, what he thinks the secret to their success is, and contemplate running for office with Doc as his running mate. This episode features…

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Focus On Metal – The Rise of LA Thrash Metal

At long last Bob Nalbandian and the crew at Metal Rock Films ( ) have finished the LA metal documentary trilogy they started way back in 2014. The final part was the much anticipated volumes on thrash, “The Rise of La Thrash Metal” volumes 1 & 2. Narrated by David Ellefson they wrap up the project in style. This week we are happy to have filmmaker Carl Alvarez on to talk about the making of the Inside Metal documentary series and his own first hand personal experiences in the…

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Joel Gausten – LIVE REVIEW – Agnostic Front “United Blood 35th Anniversary Show:” Brooklyn Bazaar, 5/20/18

Here is a sample of Joel’s review of Agnotic Front’s United Blood 35th Anniversary Show: (Author’s Note: Due to scheduling, I was only able to catch Agnostic Front’s full set at the Black N’ Blue Bowl. I strongly encourage you go here to find out who else played that weekend and give those bands your support.) This past weekend was quite possibly the most important two days in the history of New York Hardcore. On Saturday, the Glenn Danzig-fronted version of legendary NJ/NY horror punks The Misfits played the Garden…

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Pods & Sods Network – EM77 – Stewart Copeland

Legendary drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police and Gizmodrome joins Eric in conversation to discuss his early drumming influences from a trio perspective, switching from drumming to fronting a band, springboarding on the punk scene and evolving his unique style of playing with The Police, tips on how to get on the cover of Modern Drummer Magazine, the conflicts of songwriting in The Police, the sibling bond he shares with Sting and Andy, memories of the reunion tour, his approaches to composing for TV and film, moving on to writing “fancy…

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Joel Gausten – LIVE REVIEW: The Original Misfits/Suicidal Tendencies/Murphy’s Law/Harley “Cro-Mags” Flanagan: Prudential Center, 5/19/18

Here is a sample of Joel’s review of Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies, Murphy’s Law and Harley “Cro-Mags” Flanagan show: This was the show that mattered. For their fifth reunion show since reconvening in 2016, “The Original Misfits” (a.k.a. singer Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only with long-serving guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, second six-stringer Acey Slade and legendary drummer Dave Lombardo) finally touched down in their original home state of New Jersey for a sold-out show at Newark’s Prudential Center. Considering that most of the band’s classic material was written in…

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Talking Metal Video – The Mark and Mitch Show: Lynch Mob Interview from the M3 Rock Festival 2018

On this episode of the Mark and Mitch Show, Mark Strigl & Mitch Lafon talk to Scott Coogan, Sean McNabb, George Lynch and Robert Mason of Lynch Mob. This interview was conducted after Lynch Mob’s set at this year’s M3 Rock Festival. Topics include Michael Sweet, the new music by Pilson/Brown/Lynch/Mason, Corey Glover, Steven Adler, Ace Frehley and if George thinks he has too many projects going on.

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Discography Discussion Podcast – Episode 065: Primer 55 with Joshua Toomey of Talk Toomey Podcast

Are you ready to get loose? Joshua Toomey from the Talk Toomey Podcast drops in this week to discuss his old band Primer 55. Although there were only two albums released there is still PLENTY to talk about as Toomey gives some insight on the inner workings of the band, as well as what could have been. How badly did September 11th affect the band? Is ‘This Life’ still one of the best singles ever released? Are Primer 55 Nu-Metal to a fault, or just Nu-Metal AF? Find out now…

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Decibel Geek TV – Bulletboys: Albums Unleashed with Mick Sweda & Toby Wright

Guitarist Mick Sweda and engineer Toby Wright join the guys this week to reflect on 1988’s Bulletboys album. Produced by the Ted Templeman for Warner Bros Records, the album reached #34 on the Billboard 200 chart. Correspondingly, the band received heavy rotation from MTV. The videos for ‘Smooth Up in Ya’ and ‘For the Love of Money’ were ever-present at the time.

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Decibel Geek Podcast – We Pick Our Top 5 WASP Songs – Ep321

We’re back this week to share our favorite songs by Sunset Strip legends WASP! In 1982 Blackie Lawless builds WASP was built to shock. Their over-the-top image garnered a ton of attention in an already-growing LA music scene. From Lawless’ buzzsaw codpiece to models being tied to a torture rack to throwing raw meat into the audience, WASP takes the blueprint set by Alice Cooper and KISS and elevates it to raunchy new heights. Amid all of the theatricality, though, lay some of the best hard rock music of the…

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The Nothing Shocking Music Discussion Podcast – Ira Black

Welcome to the Nothing Shocking Podcast Episode 122. On this weeks episode we’ve got journey man guitarist Ira Black on the show. If you’re a fan of hard rock and heavy metal then most likely you’ve heard a song or seen a band live with Ira in it. He’s played with everybody: Metal Church, Dokken, Lizzy Borden, Westfield Massacre, Attika 7 and currently I Am Morbid. He’s also a strict vegan. We broke a little news on this episode as Ira Black told us how he was forced out of…

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 506: Magical Metal Dust

US heavy hitters SEVENDUST are a rock n’ roll survival story. A product (or victim) of the era, the band was unjustifiably lumped into the whole “nu” metal thing. But now, more than two decades later, Sevendust is still going strong while most of their counterparts disappeared or became irrelevant. Their new opus “All I See Is War” is still fresh on the new release rack. It’s a killer record that proves why they’ve maintained their position. A busy man on the promotional front, cofounder/axeman Clint Lowery was quick to chat. He…

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 153 Woody Weatherman (Corrosion of Conformity)

Woody Weatherman of the mighty Corrosion of Conformity joins the show this week. Woody talks about the latest COC album “No Cross, No Crown”. We also discuss touring with Black Label Society and some historic tours with Metallica and Megadeth. Woody tells us about the relationship between James Hetfield and Corrosion of Conformity. Woody also remembers a pre-White Zombie Sean Yseult. We end on a breakdown of a track off “No Cross, No Crown”. Eddy Torres of the Rock n Roll Beer Guy Podcast also guests on this episode. Eddy…

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