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Metal Wani – Gus G. on Solo Album ‘Fearless’, Connecting With Fans & Whether He Will Rejoin Ozzy Osbourne (2018)

Guitar virtuoso Gus G has spent a great deal of time performing with some of Heavy Metal’s finest including Arch Enemy, Kamelot and Ozzy Osbourne to name but a few. With his solo album ‘Fearless’ set to drop on April 20th, Gus sat down with Metal Wani’s Carl O’Rourke to talk about the record, the future of Rock and Metal as well as what he learned from his time spent playing with Ozzy Osbourne.

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Pods & Sods Network – Corey Glover Picks the Essential Bill Withers

Corey Glover of Living Colour shares his 10 Essential Bill Withers songs.  As a young kid growing up in New York, Corey first discovered the timeless music of Bill Withers in his home and on long car-rides with the family. The work of Bill Withers would inspire and influence Corey’s life as a performer, vocalist, and songwriter both in Living Colour and in his solo career.  He also shares memories of meeting and getting to know Bill, his appearance in the Still Bill documentary, some insights on the songs, the…

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Iron City Rocks – Episode 371: Joe Grushecky, Jane Lee Hooker and Brit Floyd

In Episode 371 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we welcomes Joe Grushecky who, with the Houserockers, has just release More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows. We also feature an interview with Tracy Hightop of the band Jane Lee Hooker.  The band’s latest release, Spiritus, is a mix of blues, straight ahead rock and a twin-guitar attack. Finally we are joined once again by Damian Darlington of Brit Floyd.  Brit Floyd has just begun their 2018 Eclipse World Tour and will be making a stop in Pittsburgh April 12 & 13th. http://www.ironcityrocks.com/podcast/Episode_371.mp3

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The Right To Rock – Podcast # 232: Crimson

What would it take for you to re-buy an album?  A bonus disk with extra tracks, a bonus DVD, etc…?  At what point is it worth throwin’ down more money for something you already own?  Join Genghis and Ragman as they ponder this question and more.  If that wasn’t enough, the boys caught up with new comers Savage Hands for a state of the union.  Ragman chats it up with vocalist Mike Garrow who gives us the skinny on the band’s debut record Barely Alive as well as their current…

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Cobras And Fire – Ep 120: 1987 – The Greatest Year In Rock (Part 2)

1987 – The Greatest Year In Rock (Part 2) – Bakko & LC return to discuss 1987, better known as The Year of Anvil. Topics include: pop culture, LC reveals a coming of age tale at a Holiday Inn, our hatred of parades and the unfortunate return of Thumb Butt Dad. Music: Black Sabbath, KISS, Lizzy Borden, Warlock, Dokken, Faster Pussycat, Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Keel and – for the 120th straight episode – NO ANVIL.

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Pure Grain Audio – Conan Interview with Jon Davis on the Band’s Success, New Music & Touring

Recently, while at a tour stop in Richmond, Virginia, we had a chance to speak with frontman Jon Davis of the UK doom act Conan. The Napalm Records-signed band is currently touring the world and in this interview, we speak with Davis about their globetrotting, success so far, and upcoming new music.

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Metal Wani – Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer on Rebellious Nature Of METAL, Demons & Wizards Album & Touring (2018)

Iced Earth recently completed their North American leg of the “Incorruptible Tour”. Metal Wani’s Chuck Marshall had a chance to talk with Jon Schaffer during the band’s visit to Detroit. Given all the positive reviews of their shows to date, we asked Jon to sum up in a word how he would describe this tour. Jon said “I can’t describe it in one word. It’s been great. The fan base is fired up. We’ve had a lot of sold-out shows” adding “the people that are coming to the shows are…

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon Video Podcast – Saxon’s Biff Byford

Listen to Saxon’s BIFF BYFORD on this special YouTube edition of Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon. Biff discusses the band’s latest album Thunderbolt, the band’s planned 40th anniversary celebrations next year, his upcoming solo album, Metallica, his book Never Surrender, Lemmy, writing for the next new album, touring with Judas Priest & Black Star Riders, producer Andy Sneap and more. Recorded on the band’s tour bus at TD Place in Ottawa, Ontario on March 25th 2018.

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