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Cobras And Fire – EP 134: ClusterFu*k Fest. Skid Row, Slaughter, KIX, Quiet Riot

ClusterFu*k Fest Recap: Bakko quickly recaps his NY trip and LC recaps his experience at a Skid Row, Slaughter, Quiet Riot, KIX concert in a venue that can only be described as a social experiment run by an evil mustache-twirling promoter. The concert was held in a Denver restaurant parking lot and involved steel cages, the lawn chair army, bikers doing lemondrop shots, raffle tickets as currency and to top it off Decibel Geek TV’s Ron Runyon gets escorted out by Sister Christian.

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The Metal Voice – John Bush Armored Saint Interview-Talks New album, tour, Anthrax Songs

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice spoke to Armored Saint Singer John Bush (Ex-Anthrax) about their current Symbol of Savation tour, update on new Armored Saint Album, touring with Anthrax songs and his contributions to the new Metal Allegiance album Cameras by Orlando Moshpit and Cristian

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Pods & Sods Network – Pods & Sods 184 | Our Look At 1988 – part I

Jeff Harris (Behind The Grooves) joins us for an in depth look at the year 1988 in our continuing series of 80s-centric episodes. In this episode, we look at the top ten Billboard singles of the year and follow up with some favorites from the year as honorable mentions.

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Amps & Axes Podcast – #239 – Dean Pizzazz

Greetings to you, Podcast Public and welcome to yet another offering from the guys behind one of the best “cast’s on the web, Amps and Axes. In this installment, the guys bring you a little pizzazz. No, they don’t get all flashy and stuff, they bring you the funny and all around nice guy bass player from the band Wayland, Mr Dean Pizzazz. Enjoy!

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The Right To Rock – Podcast #236: Kids

Podcast #236: Kids – When you get old like Genghis & Ragman, you aspire to spread your knowledge of metal to the young. Some get it, some don’t. Should we take offense? Does the younger generation grasp on to the metal of yesteryear as well as what is currently going on? Join Genghis & Ragman as they discuss the newer generation and how it views hard rock and heavy metal. Next, the boys welcome back Rage vocalist/bassist Peavy Wagner to discuss his latest project Refuge as well as what it…

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Rock & Metal Combat Video Podcast – Paul Taylor at the Rock n Pod 2

So happy that we have Paul Taylor coming to ROCKNPOD! Paul is best known for his work in Winger but has other great highlights on his resume including Tom Keifer Band, Steve Perry, and Also Nova. Other ROCKNPOD guests include current and former members of Accept, Bang Tango, KISS, Korn, Angel, and more!

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Cobras And Fire – EP 133: Jesus Chrysler, Bakko and Treble Discuss Latest Album

Loose Cannon interviews Bakko and Treble from the band Jesus Chrysler to discuss their new album “Deny It All Later”, released on July 6th, as well talk about some of the bands history, their experiences in the Minneapolis music scene. Featuring music from the new album “…Deny It All Later” available everywhere now.

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Iron City Rocks – Episode 383: Gin Blossom’s Robin Wilson, Styx’s Ricky Phillips and Gioeli-Castronovo’s Johnny Gioeli

In Episode 383 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we welcome Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms. The Gin Blossoms recently released Mix Reality and are on the road support the album. Robin talks with us about writing the album, the inspiration he drew from the late Doug Hopkins, the time between releases and reminisces about getting his own material on the band’s debut album, Dusted. We are joined also but Styx bassist Ricky Phillips.  Styx is currently on tour with Joan Jett and Tesla in the U.S.  Ricky talks…

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Pods & Sods Network – EM79 – Paul Rodgers

The legendary Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, Free, The Firm, The Law, and Queen + Paul Rodgers joins Eric in conversation to discuss his early life discovering music and the soul singers that inspired him to find his voice, his early days of songwriting, the success experienced by Free at an early age, was he ever tempted to wade into the Prog waters of the 70s UK scene, where his thoughts were at the time of leaving Bad Company, connecting with Jimmy Page to form The Firm, are there any…

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Amps & Axes Podcast – #237 – Nigel Dupree

Greetings fans of the ‘Cast and welcome to yet another installment of your favorite Amps and Axes Podcast. In this episode, the guys bring you neither an amp maker nor an axe wielder, but someone who plays an instrument called the Drums! Hailing from Georgia, you’ll find he has a pretty well known father and previously had his own namesake band, but now pounds the kit in a band that certainly has high expectations. Find your favorite ‘cast listening environment and please welcome drummer for the band Wayland, Mr Nigel…

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Focus On Metal – Saxon mkVI

This week we talk about Call To Arms, Sacrifice and Battering Ram. Yep we kept you waiting for another 63 episodes before finally getting to another installment of the Saxon catalog. However I think we’ve more than made up for it by having on none other than Biff Byford to discuss these most metal releases. Yep Richie sat down with Biff around the time they were mixing Thunderbolt to discuss the next three albums in the catalog. And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

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