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Alternative Press – You won’t believe which band POST MALONE auditioned for and other celebrities who are SCENE KIDS

We at ALTPRESS know that being a scene kid is more than just a phase, and apparently some of Hollywood thinks that way, too. You might be surprised to know that some of the biggest celebrities love to get down to My Chemical Romance and Paramore just like the rest of us. Check out 10 celebrities who are total scene kids at heart.

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The Cassius Morris Show – TCMS: 091 Post Malone ‘Beerbongs & Bentleys’ Album Review

This week on The Cassius Morris Show; an in depth review of Post Malone’s second studio album, ‘Beerbongs & Bentleys’. Cassius opens the show with an update on his media trip to Rolling Loud, Miami, where Post will be performing. https://traffic.libsyn.com/thatreporterkid/TCMS_POST_-_2018-05-03_12.50_PM.m4a

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The Ongoing History Of New Music – Songs of Protest

Sometimes people get so pissed off or so inspired by something that they just have to sing about it…this is the protest song and it’s been with us for centuries… It’s music that encourages political and social change… and if done right—and if circumstances are correct—the song can mobilize people to take action, lift spirits and annoy (or even scare) authorities of the establishment… Protest music comes in all forms:  classical, folk, reggae, pop, hip hop and, of course, rock…it can rail against war, demand social justice, call out politicians…

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Revolver – Run the Jewels: Secret Metalheads (Killer Mike and El-P on Love of Heavy Music)

Run the Jewels are an explosive, aggressively creative hip-hop act that draws inspiration from all genres, including hard rock and heavy metal. In the premiere episode of “Secret Metalheads” — our new video series where we talk to musicians and other inspiring figures outside of metal about their love for the genre — Killer Mike and El-P reveal their personal and creative history with heavy music, from Black Sabbath and Metallica to Body Count, Rage Against the Machine, the Melvins, Nine Inch Nails and beyond.

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Let There Be Talk – #417:B-Real & Sen Dog / Cypress Hill

On Today’s Let There Be Talk the legends of Hip Hop B-Real and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill join me at Fred Segal in Hollywood for a live episode recorded right on the Stage at the MADEWORN Pop Up Shop. B-Real and Sen Dog sit down and talk about their love of Hip Hop and Metal and how Cypress Hill got started. These guys are absolute legends in the game and have sold millions of records toured the world and recorded some of the best Hip Hop ever made. i…

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Guitar Speak Podcast – Adam Miller – GSP #80

Welcome to episode 80 – and the 2nd anniversary – of the Guitar Speak Podcast. Today we speak to the globe trotting novacastrian, Adam Miller. Adam first appeared during episode 61 in a brief interview leading up the the Sydney Guitar Festival in 2017. He is back for an in depth interview to discuss his fantastic new instrumental album, ‘The Defining of Success’. Adam effortlessly fuses jazz, soul, blues and hip hop influences into his own unique voice. Adam talks about crafting dynamic tones, embracing space, loving NAMM and talking his way…

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The Ongoing History Of New Music – The 90s Part 5b: Hip-Hop’s Effects Part 2

If we look at the state of rock here in the 21st century, it is no longer the main musical driver of popular culture…hip-hop is king… This doesn’t mean it’s dead, that it doesn’t have a place in our lives, that it isn’t going to be around for decades to come…but if you’re honest, you’ll have to admit that hip-hop has extended its reach into popular culture with the strength and depth that used to belong to rock… And it’s not like rock’s appeal shrank…it’s that other genres have exploded,…

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Talk Is Jericho – The Outsiders 35th Anniversary with Danny Boy O’Connor

House of Pain’s Danny Boy O’Connor loves the movie “The Outsiders,” so much so that he bought the house used as the Curtis Brothers (Darry, Soda Pop, and Pony Boy) home in the film, and he’s turned it into “The Outsiders” museum!  Find out how he came to own it, what it’s taken to get it in museum shape, how he located many of the original props and costumes used in the movie, and which A-list stars from “The Outsiders” have helped out and come to see it.  Danny Boy’s…

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Lead Singer Syndrome – Episode 120 – Whitney Peyton

Philadelphia’s Whitney Peyton joins the show this week, talking about her recent headline tour and van accident, blending hip hop and rap with rock and punk, the challenges of being a female in hip hop, touring with Three 6 Mafia / Asking Alexandria / Twistd and her massive juggalo fanbase. She also lays down a sick freestyle on this episode. Bonus: Shane plays a little 3-6 for the rap fans of the show.

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The Ongoing History Of New Music – The 90s Part 5a: Hip-Hop’s Effects Part 1

There are some things you should never mix…oil and water…nitro and glycerin…tequila and—well, it’s not a good idea to mix tequila with anything other than salt, lemon and maybe some fruit juice… They used to say this about rock and rap music, too…and they were pretty adamant about that… When rap and hip-hop started seeping into the mainstream in the middle 1980s, it immediately polarized people…those who didn’t (or refused) to get it, were aggressively dismissive of what rap brought to the table… “that’s not rap…it’s crap!” …. “this isn’t…

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