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Joel Gausten – LIVE REVIEW: The Original Misfits/Suicidal Tendencies/Murphy’s Law/Harley “Cro-Mags” Flanagan: Prudential Center, 5/19/18

Here is a sample of Joel’s review of Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies, Murphy’s Law and Harley “Cro-Mags” Flanagan show: This was the show that mattered. For their fifth reunion show since reconvening in 2016, “The Original Misfits” (a.k.a. singer Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only with long-serving guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, second six-stringer Acey Slade and legendary drummer Dave Lombardo) finally touched down in their original home state of New Jersey for a sold-out show at Newark’s Prudential Center. Considering that most of the band’s classic material was written in…

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RAMzine Rock & Metal – Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein “It’s all about love”

RAMzine’s Hywel Davies caught up with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein at Hobos in Bridgend. Vocalist Alex “Wolfman” Story joins in to debate UK crowds compared to those in Europe, and the fact that the band prefer a larger stage. They also touch on veganism and their new album Doyle II: As We Die.

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A Music Blog, Yea? – Interview with Creeper (Round Three)

Watch AMBY’s exclusive interview with Creeper! During their latest stop through Toronto with Neck Deep, I met up with one of my AMBY favourites and buddy Will Gould from Creeper for interview round three! Check out our conversation as we discuss his bad fashion phases, first concert, loving to yoyo, why he loves wrestling, and if new music is on the horizon.

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Joel Gausten – LIVE REVIEW – The Original Misfits/Alkaline Trio/Discharge: The Forum, 12/30/17

Here is a sample of the show review posted by Joel: While inner turmoil has been a cornerstone of The Misfits’ existence from the very beginning, there were no signs of inter-personal strife on stage at the Forum. From the opening drum blast of “Death Comes Ripping” to the final notes of “We Are 138,” The Misfits’ nearly 30-song set delivered exactly what 17,000-plus people filled every seat in the house to hear and witness. Most significantly, it appeared that these longtime adversaries were actually enjoying themselves onstage. (The fist…

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Joel Gausten – Never Enough Horror Business: A Conversation with DOYLE

Here is a sample of Joel’s interview with the Misfits’ guitarist. On the subject of The Misfits, you’re obviously doing stuff with Glenn again, which a lot of people have been waiting a long time to see. There have been different versions of the band over the years, but what do you think it is about you, Jerry and Glenn together that makes it special? If you take all of us individually, we’re only so big separately. If you put us together, it’s epic. It’s like you’re collecting action figures…

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