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The Eddie Trunk Podcast – ET – Joe Elliott // Sully Erna

On another double episode, Eddie first drops by Def Leppard’s tour rehearsals to talk to Joe Elliott, who discusses being a legacy band, how they pick the setlist, staying healthy, his thoughts on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame decision process, and more. Then, Godsmack mainman Sully Erna phones in to discuss the band’s latest album, ‘When Legends Rise,’ how the concept behind the fun new music video for “Bulletproof” came about, experimentation with musical sound, and much more!

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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 56 – Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch, ex-The UTMoST)

Doc speaks with Five Finger Death Punch bassist, Chris Kael, about what attracted him to picking up the bass as a teenager in Lexington, KY, his background as a lead vocalist, moving to Las Vegas and playing with the pop punk band The UTMoST, bartending in Vegas and almost quitting music, the audition process to get in the 5FDP, adjusting to being in a very popular band, what he thinks the secret to their success is, and contemplate running for office with Doc as his running mate. This episode features…

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Metal Injection – Squared Circle Pit – #40 – Chris Jericho Talks Rock & Wrestling Cruise, Writer Pat Driscoll Talks Working with Jericho, Latest Wrestling News

This episode is a double header. We kick things off with a quick conversation with Chris Jericho, who talks about his upcoming Rock & Wrestling Rager at Sea Cruise. The cruise happens Oct. 27 – 31st from Miami to the Bahamas. More info here. Chris talks about the concept of the cruise, how he got the idea, who you can expect on the boat and more. Also on this episode is my good friend, writer Pat Driscoll. Pat kicks things off talking about what it was like writing for Chris…

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A Music Blog, Yea? – Interview with Marti Belle

Watch AMBY’s exclusive interview with Marti Belle! It’s always so awesome when an online buddy becomes a real buddy! I know how funny that sounds but this was the case with the multi-talented professional wrestler Marti Belle — we had wanted to do an interview for months and our paths finally crossed while at RISE and SHIMMER weekend in Illinois. Learn more about this WWE Mae Young Classic competitor by diving into our video as we discuss loving funny dog videos, the joy of competing in the Mae Young Classic,…

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Chaotic Riffs – Kissed Alived Drummer interview with Jason Lee Beckwith Part2

This is part 2 of our interview from 12/1/17 where we talk with our good friend KISSED ALIVE Drummer: Jason lee Beckwith about the recent heart attack he suffered, his recovery from the heart attack, and we also discuss the 40th anniversary of Kiss’s 1977 album: Kiss Alive II. Interview by JROCK Houston

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Revolver – Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe on Covering Cro-Mags, Discovering Them via ‘Donahue’

Lamb of God dropped their badass new covers album, Legion: XX, this past Friday (May 18th) under their previous moniker Burn the Priest — their one and only record under that name turns 20 this year. We’ve been digging into the release with a series of track-by-track videos with singer Randy Blythe. Next up is LOG’s vicious take on Cro-Mags’ “We Gotta Know,” which was a Mark Morton pick for the LP because his high school band used to cover it. In the clip above, Blythe talks about how he…

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100 Words Or Less: The Podcast – Brianna Hunt from Many Rooms

Episode 307 – Oh boy, what a chat I have with the musician Brianna Hunt who is known as Many Rooms. Her debut LP There Is A Presence Here is a staggering piece of work and I had to have her on the show. We discuss the intersection of faith and music, emotions and navigating the music industry. Even if you have NO idea who she is, trust me and get onboard with this conversation and her music.

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Muses And Stuff Podcast – EP 73: Bif Naked

Chanty and Lynx chat with the one and only Bif Naked! Getting to sit down with Canada’s Queen of Punk was such an immense pleasure! Bif has been kicking ass and breaking barriers for over two decades now, and recently shared her personal journey in her incredible memoir I, Bificus. We talk about Bif’s writing process (hand written?!), how the world opened up for her when she followed her heart and became a solo artist and how the industry is changing for women in music. We also talk about our…

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Talk Is Jericho – Ozzy Osbourne – Classic Album Clash

It’s Ozzy Osbourne’s “Diary Of A Madman” vs “Blizzard Of Ozz” on this edition of Classic Album Clash!  And Fozzy guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey along with drummer Frank Fontsere, and special guest Merlin Alderslade, the editor of Metal Hammer magazine, join the debate over which album reigns supreme. They break them down track-by-track, share Ozzy stories and trivia in the process, discuss Randy Rhoads’ development and prowess as a guitarist, name favorite and not-so-favorite songs and solos, and cast a final vote for best album. Get in on…

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The Metal Magdalene – Snowy Shaw Interview

Swedish music artist Snowy Shaw was the guest on the Metal Magdalene with Jet radio show May 22 2018. Snowy is a multi talented composer and musician playing many instruments but primarily drums and guitar. He has played in many bands some of which were King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Dream Evil, Therion and more. He has appeared also on many albums doing session work as well some bands including Sabaton, Kamelot and Therion. Snowy is currently focusing mainly on his solo career having released a new album “White Is the…

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