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Roach Coach Podcast – Episode 111: Meteora by Linkin Park

This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we decide that the time is right to return to Linkin Park and their sophomore release, Meteora. Topics discussed: the Roach Koach Live show, Rock N Pod Expo 2, The Putney Update, Who’s Tweeting, Helmet feedback, Butt Strut, the Juggalo Hundo, our history with Meteora, a party pit, the impact and weight of Chester’s lyrics, Linkin Park music videos, #mattsmistakes, the Chester/Shinoda interplay, “I could do with less Shinoda”, the “Faint” video, earning Matt’s lighter, Charles Mansion, Linkin Park haters and fans on…

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Open Metalcast – Episode #179: The Map is Not the Territory

At Open Metalcast Headquarters we take pride in putting together the finest Creative Commons Metal Music available. But sometimes an episode takes on a life of its own. What started off as a pretty straightforward episode suddenly took a few unexpected turns. Not only does this show feature new metal from the comfy realm of 2018 but it also features metal that was released between 1988 – 1990. That’s like a century ago! We didn’t even know they had the Creative Commons license back then (or even the Internet) but…

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Metal Injection – Livecast #472 – The Potato Is Not Worth It

It’s Sid’s birthday this week, so Rob and Noa celebrate by smoking. We talk about various water bug-related incidents. We also share some fun stories from our old college radio station days. Rob shares a story from Mathcore Index Fest. We learn about Dave Mustaine’s views on the Devil, a handsome angel. We talk about Sacah Baron Cohen’s new Israeli character and wrap it up with some wonderful sound bites.

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Cobras And Fire – EP 134: ClusterFu*k Fest. Skid Row, Slaughter, KIX, Quiet Riot

ClusterFu*k Fest Recap: Bakko quickly recaps his NY trip and LC recaps his experience at a Skid Row, Slaughter, Quiet Riot, KIX concert in a venue that can only be described as a social experiment run by an evil mustache-twirling promoter. The concert was held in a Denver restaurant parking lot and involved steel cages, the lawn chair army, bikers doing lemondrop shots, raffle tickets as currency and to top it off Decibel Geek TV’s Ron Runyon gets escorted out by Sister Christian.

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Thunder Underground – Ep175 Shaun McCoy of Bobaflex Interview

In this episode we are joined by Shaun McCoy of Bobaflex. Shaun talks to us about the band’s 8th album,‘Eloquent Demons’, a forthcoming vinyl single release, Third Man Records, vinyl, how the business has changed since their 1st album, when we can expect the next album, covering a band like Pink Floyd, constant touring, Diet Rite, being in a band with his brother, Daredevil, how his father influenced them into music, and a lot more. We kick off the episode with our review of the new album from Dead Daises,…

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Thunder Underground – Ep176 CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool Interview

In this episode we are joined by CJ Pierce. CJ talks with us about As Above So Below, his brother Jacob Pierce, playing festivals, Rocklahoma, when we can expect new music from Drowning Pool, Jasen Moreno from DP, As Strange As Angels with Norman Matthews, working with the Sound Foundation, Pantera, Gene Simmons, writing, and a ton more. We kick off the episode with a song from Shadows Remain, Trent talks about going on the Booze Bars and Guitars tour with Sprout and Dusty Grant, Jason talks about Bands Against…

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The Classic Metal Show – Great RATT And Other Music News

Neeley and Chris discuss the firing of Terry Ilous from Great White and Stephen Pearcy’s recent comments regarding the current state of the band RATT. Catch THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST at Website Facebook Twitter Podcast Live Chat YouTube iHeart Radio Merch Store

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 163 Ro Kohli Returns (War Machine Marketing)

Ro Kohli of War Machine Marketing returns to the podcast to talk about their exclusive Mini Pantera guitars. The guitars will only be available at the San Diego Comicon this weekend. Ro and I also talk about our love of Pantera, should I go and see a Pantera Tribute band and his thoughts on the Star Wars franchise. As most of you know, Ro is a talker and has great stories. Hit that play button and sit back for the ride!

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Pure Rock Radio – KING HESH: Friday the 13th (Dee Snider/U.D.O./Doro Pesch)

Get your weekly 80s & early 90s metal fix with King Hesh. Three hours of bitchin’ tunes from the “Era of Hair” dudes!!! This week is a special “Friday The 13th” edition of King Hesh. Which features “Kingdom Of Hesh Premieres” from Dee Snider, U.D.O., and Doro Pesch. Dee Snider’s new single ‘Become The Storm‘ is off his upcoming solo album “For The Love Of Metal” and U.D.O.’s new single ‘One Heart, One Soul‘ is off his forthcoming new album “Steelfactory“. Also a brand new song from German metal queen…

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Ritual Madness Podcast – Episode #183, Cannibal Rob!

Episode #183, Cannibal Rob! Cannibal Rob is the owner of Twin Town Tyrants Records,Cruelty Cabinets, Guitarist for Glutton For Punishment, Mastiff and the mighty Krawg….. Well let me just say this podcast was supposed to go as planned but the audio gods had other ideas so our live stream was up and down…the whole show. We had guests and a blast either way i apologize to our listeners and Cannibal. Please enjoy!!

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