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Pods & Sods Network – Album By Album | Iron Maiden 1982-1988

Ryan Leonardo reunites with Craig for the first time in a long time to discuss what many consider Iron Maiden’s albums recorded during their best years: The Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time, and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. Weaved around these appreciations for the band and their music are stories about discovering these albums together as kids, the quest to find all of the Eddie artwork possible and some more childhood memories. Recorded in front of an audience as one as Ryan’s girlfriend…

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Podder Than Hell – Episode 54: No Prayer for the Blaze Bayley

This week, Steve and Dylan take time out of their vacation to talk about the often maligned era of Iron Maiden: from 1990’s “No Prayer for the Dying” to 1998’s “Virtual XI.” Will the duo find faults in Bruce Dickinson’s last Maiden albums in his inaugural run as singer? Can they get through “The X Factor” in one piece? Tune in to find out! Follow Podder Than Hell Podcast: Facebook YouTube RSS

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Focus On Metal – Saxon mkVI

This week we talk about Call To Arms, Sacrifice and Battering Ram. Yep we kept you waiting for another 63 episodes before finally getting to another installment of the Saxon catalog. However I think we’ve more than made up for it by having on none other than Biff Byford to discuss these most metal releases. Yep Richie sat down with Biff around the time they were mixing Thunderbolt to discuss the next three albums in the catalog. And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

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