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The Vinyl Guide – Ep129: The Vinyl Guide Live w Keith Morris

Keith Morris of OFF!, Circle Jerks and Black Flag joins us for a special live event at Creme Tangerine Records in Costa Mesa California. Keith shares heaps of stories, memories and takes questions from the live audience. Enjoy! If you like records, just starting a collection or are an uber-nerd with a house-full of vinyl, this is the podcast for you. Nate Goyer is The Vinyl Guide and discusses all things music and record-related.

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 511: Eh! Glo Abortions

This was one of those happy accidents. This episode was recorded just days before July 1st (aka Canada Day, eh). It just so happened that we had a Canadian legend waiting in the wings… Murray The Cretin of the legendary punk rockers DAYGLO ABORTIONS!! Murray has proven to be the kind of guy that definitely has something to say. What was supposed to be a “quick chat” went into a few extra innings once Mr. Cretin got warmed up. We spoke of everything in the DayGlo camp and the state of…

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Joel Gausten – GG Allin: Still Dead, Still Hated, Still Missed

Check out Joel’s article on the late GG Allen. Five years ago, I drove to the sleepy town of Franconia, NH on a foggy night to witness an event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the death of everyone’s most beloved musical outlaw/coprophagia enthusiast, GG Allin. Naturally, it was one of the most surreal and thoroughly entertaining nights of my life. On July 1 – less than a week after the 25th anniversary of the man’s drug-fueled demise, I again found myself stepping inside the Dutch Treat restaurant for another round…

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100 Words Or Less: The Podcast – Neeraj Kane from Hope Conspiracy, Suicide File, Hesitation Wounds, Beginners

Episode 313 – HAPPY 4th of July! Talk about a dude who’s played in some great bands, my friend Neeraj Kane joins us today on the pod. He’s played in The Hope Conspiracy, Suicide File, Hesitation Wounds and much more. We talk in depth about his life in the Chicago suburbs, being politically active and engaged as well as the notion of playing in a “full time” band. Enjoy!

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Alternative Press – Hilarious Frank Iero stories and the definition of ‘punk’ from The Homeless Gospel Choir

Derek Zanetti, the charismatic punk rock aficionado behind The Homeless Gospel Choir, recently visited the offices of Alternative Press and was put the spot–sharing everything from his favorite memory with longtime touring pal Frank Iero, his opinion of Donald Trump, and a stomach-curdling tale of gas station sushi gone wrong. In this APTV exclusive, Zanetti muses on essential punk rock artists, bad memories attached to Blink-182 CDs and the mission statement of The Homeless Gospel Choir.

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The Ongoing History Of New Music – Green Day: From their Beginning to 2005

For this weeks bonus Ongoing History Podcast, we go back to early 2005 and our profile of Green Day. In this episode we trace their history from their very beginnings before the band even formed, right up to the release of their “comeback album” American Idiot. Special thanks to Colin who asked: “Hey Alan…have you ever done a show about the history of Green Day”? Why yes we have Colin…13 years ago. And here it is again! Enjoy!

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100 Words Or Less: The Podcast – Michael Grodner, director of The Icarus Line Must Die

Episode 311 – Film and music. The two have been passions of mine and the guest this week for quite some time and I was excited to talk about it with the director, Michael Grodner. He most recently finished his first feature length film called The Icarus Line Must Die which is an incredible piece of work combining the LA punk scene and a film noir look at life in a band. He also directed many music videos that you have probably seen from bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars,…

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Recorded on the 2018 Salty Dog Cruise, members of Flogging Molly join the show. Lead singer Dave King talks about the idea behind the cruise and what the band plans to do in the future. Then guitarist Dennis Casey and multi-instrumentalist Bob Schmidt talk about the early days of the band, how they got into music, and what being in Flogging Molly truly means. Stick around for the Death Star of the Week, Johnny Duke Sizemore

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100 Words Or Less: The Podcast – Jake Brennan from Cast Iron Hike/Disgraceland Podcast

Episode 309 – It’s podcast on podcast love, but of course our guest this week has a long history with independent music. Jake Brennan, who is the host of the incredible True Crime/Music podcast called Disgraceland and vocalist for Cast Iron Hike, is on the show this week. We dive into his past with Cast Iron Hike, his unconventional vocal style, creative pursuits and of course podcasts!

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Pure Grain Audio – Bif Naked Interview on Fighting Wonder Woman & Hillary Clinton – My Hand Is Cold #011 [Outtakes]

The queen of Canadian punk, Bif Naked recently stopped by the PureGrainAudio studios for a very serious interview… Our latest guest on the My Hand Is Cold series, Bif, and host Christopher Gonda, spoke at length about Bif’s career as a musician, author, poet, actor, and more. Here’s a quick outtake video ahead of our full clip.

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100 Words Or Less: The Podcast – Lisa Garelick from Equal Vision Records

Episode 308 – Label talk! I have my good friend Lisa Garelick who works at Equal Vision Records as a project manager on the show this week. She has a ton of experience in all the comings and goings in the music industry from management, booking, PR and more. We have a in depth chat about street punk, some behind the scenes music industry talk and how hustle plays an important role in her development. Enjoy this pleasant chat!

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Muses And Stuff Podcast – EP 73: Bif Naked

Chanty and Lynx chat with the one and only Bif Naked! Getting to sit down with Canada’s Queen of Punk was such an immense pleasure! Bif has been kicking ass and breaking barriers for over two decades now, and recently shared her personal journey in her incredible memoir I, Bificus. We talk about Bif’s writing process (hand written?!), how the world opened up for her when she followed her heart and became a solo artist and how the industry is changing for women in music. We also talk about our…

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