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Decibel Geek Podcast – Rock Superpowers Unite with Marvelous Team-Ups Ep314

Things get explosive this week when Rock Superpowers unite with Marvelous Team-Ups! We’ve got collaborations that will leap bad radio in a single bound. This audio spread includes fantastic unions of Motorhead with CC Deville, as well as Dee Snider with Zakk Wylde. Marvelous Team-Ups You also get a Hollywood team-up of Lizzy Borden and Betsy Bitch.  Additionally, you get team ups of Axl Rose and Alice Cooper, Volbeat and Danko Jones, and Paul Stanley with Ace Frehley. All that and two legendary metal voices combine to blow your mind.…

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Decibel Geek Podcast – Radio Sucks Radio Show v32 – Ep312

We’re back this week with more killer rock tracks and talk with Radio Sucks Radio Show v32! If you are new to the podcast, this particular format is easy to explain. Radio sucks and has for a long time. The limited amount of artists coupled with the limited amount of songs by those artists makes radio a frustrating experience. Additionally, the ignorance of new material by classic artists makes no sense at all. Do we really need to hear Rock n Roll All Nite again? This week’s Radio Sucks Radio…

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Talking Metal – TM 718 Eric Singer

On this special episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl and Ian McCurdy interview Kiss drummer Eric Singer. We cover his career and also talk about Kiss and the new Ronnie Montrose album 10×10. Listen to “TM 718 Eric Singer” on Spreaker.

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Guitar Speak Podcast – Alice Cooper & Ace Frehley Gig Review – GSP #67

We review the Sydney leg of Alice Cooper’s 2017 world tour. Alice and band were in excellent form and with Ace Frehley wailing in the support slot this was a great rock n’ roll show. As you would expect, we take a particularly guitar-centric view on this gig at the iconic Hordern Pavilion on October 21st. Did you catch Alice on this – or any other – tour? Let us know what you thought of the show at our Facebook or Instagram accounts. Links below.

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Rockbrat – Australian Rock Show – Episode 79 – Alice Cooper Ace Frehley 2017 Australian Tour Special

It is forty years since super ghoul Alice Cooper first toured Australia and he is back downunder – doing a run of dates with Ace Frehley as support act. On episode 79 of The Australian Rock Show, we celebrate the tour by cranking some covers, performed by local artists. We rock, we rant, we recall past rock n roll memories. The guillotine is on board the space ship so let the countdown begin!

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Kiss My Wax TV – KISS My Kollectibles: Ace Frehley on Vinyl

The week on KISS My Kollectibles, the guys discuss Ace’s complete catalog on vinyl including the brand new release of Anomaly on picture disc! Be sure to pick your copy ASAP as there are only 1000 copies of the deluxe double picture disc available! And they’re selling out everywhere fast! We also spend some time at the beginning of the episode opening up new stuff that each of us have recently received. Enjoy!

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Age Of Rock – Episode 092 – Our Conversation with John Regan

In this episode we talk on the phone with John Regan of Four By Fate and Frehley’s Comet fame. We discuss how he met Ace Frehley, his work at SIR in New York and a very interesting Gene Simmons story plus much much more. Could the reunion of Frehley’s Comet in PA be the beginning of something awesome?

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Talk Toomey – Bonus: John Ostronomy (Talking Metal)

John Ostronomy of Talking Metal sat down with Josh at the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo. The guy talked about the history of Talking Metal Podcast, working with Ace Frehley and his squashing of the feud with The Classic Metal Show.

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Cobras And Fire – EP 95: Gene and Ace Reunion Recap, The Gene Vault experience and Expo Etiquette.

Bakko and LC recap their Meet & Greet experience at the Gene Simmons​ and Ace Frehley​ reunion at The Children Matter Benefit Concert​ in St. Paul, get into the Gene Simmons Vault experience and have an airing of grievances about the six rules of expo and party etiquette that were violated recently all while an iconic sock is put to rest. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Sockey, we hardly knew ye.

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Three Sides Of The Coin – Ep. 246 Exclusive Report from Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley Reunion

Episode 246, September 26, 2017. Tommy Sommers gives us a full, exclusive recap of his 48 hours as official photographer for the Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley reunion at the Matter charity event. This was the first time in 16 years that Gene and Ace have performed together. Amazing stories! Tommy also shares some exclusive photos and video of the entire press conference with Gene, Ace, Don Felder and Rick Nielsen at the KQRS studios. Tommy was there for the KQRS interview, press conference, the live concert and the private…

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