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Cobras And Fire – EP 125: Fest Recap: Sounds & Smells Of Northern Invasion

Loose and Bakko spent a weekend Gallivanting around Somerset WI for the 4th Annual Northern Invasion Music Festival. They break down all of the sights and sounds. The high’s (Red Sun Rising) and of course all of the lows. Plus they give a rundown of the diversity in attendance. Featuring music you should buy from

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The Rock And Roll Geek Show – 822 – The Feeling of Being Alive

On this episode I rave about my favorite album of the year so far, I talk about Judas Priest touring without any original guitarists, I give my thoughts on the Greta Van Fleet hype, I pay tribute to the late great Craig MacGregor, play some audio comments and get the hell out so you can get on with your day.

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Metal Injection – Andrew W.K. On New Album, Struggles Of Finding Happiness, And The Quest To Party

Frank sits down with party philosopher, Andrew W.K. to get deep about his new album, You’re Not Alone. They discuss the meaning behind his motivational speeches, his struggle with finding happiness and how his music plays a huge role, his unique process for creating an AWK album, how he deals with haters, life advice for anyone lost in life, and much more!

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Live Nation TV – The Encore: A Never Ending Story presented by Hard Rock (Full Length)

The most memorable part of any show is the encore. It’s unpredictable, it’s wild and it’s the final chance for the audience and artist to connect and create an unforgettable night. Made with Hard Rock, Live Nation TV explores the evolution of the concert staple, from its roots in classical music to how artists today incorporate it into their live shows. Hear from Mac DeMarco, Anderson .Paak, Dolly Parton, Tegan and Sara, Andrew W.K. and more as they share their most outrageous encore tales and weigh in on what the…

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Billboard – Andrew W.K. Says His Political Party ‘The Party Party’ Is ‘Absolutely Real’

Andrew W.K. might have had a hard time convincing the public his new political party is authentic, but that he announced the news on April Fool’s Day didn’t give help his effort. In response to the wide uncertainty that met his announcement last week, the “Party Hard” rocker released a statement Monday (April 4) clarifying that The Party Party “is absolutely real.” “For a long time now, I’ve pondered the possibility of somehow getting involved in governmental politics, but I wanted to find a way to participate without compromising my…

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The Autopsy Report – The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show No 619 – 7th – 13th March 2016

For the 619 edition, we could have gone for a Rey Mysterio theme… Damn! Instead, join myself – Hellwyck – as I trawl my inbox (stop sniggering at the back) for the freshest catches since the Captain’s fishy fingers (oh lord…). My show’s guaranteed to be catch of the day – listen in and you’ll agree!

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Ritual Madness Podcast – Episode #118, Cantharone Beerfest!

Episode #118, Joe and Jake Anderson of the Twin Cities band Cantharone came in and talked about some of the beer they like to brew, We drank some nut brown ale, and a caramel chocolate stout they brewed up (amazing i must say) We talked about some of the music they brought in and what’s on deck with their projects….Enjoy! Go here to read more.

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