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Pure Grain Audio – Angel Vivaldi Interview on Hand Licking & Playing While Covered in Blood – MOST EXTREME #60

Guitarist extraordinaire Angel Vivaldi sat down for a brief chat about some of the Most Extreme moments he has encountered in his musical career, including a fan licking his hand while he was on stage and playing with someone else’s blood on his hands. Vivaldi was voted 3rd “Best Guitarist” in 2014 by Prog-Sphere and has released five independent records.

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Iron City Rocks – Episode 357: Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess, Angel Vivaldi and Alarm For War

In Episode 357 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we welcome Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess.  Dream Theater is currently on tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of Images and Words.  Jordan talks to use about his latest solo album, interSonic, which feature Jordan and Steve Horelick and will be available later this month.  Jordan also talks to us about his work on mobile apps, his interpretation of the Images and Words material, the role of a keyboard player in hard rock and much, much more.  We are also joined by by…

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The Ex Man With Doc Coyle – Ep. 02 – Angel Vivaldi (ex-Black Market Hero, Vext)

Doc talks with virtuosic, solo instrumental guitarist, Angel Vivaldi, about his humble beginnings in New Jersey playing with Black Market Hero, how he launched and built his solo career using social media, how he dealt with the traditional music industry, his role as a gay man in the heavy metal world, his dedication to environmentalism and worthy causes, and his recent tour with Ozzy Osbourne guitarist, Gus G. This episode features the Angel Vivaldi song “A Mercurian Summer” from the 2011 Universal Language EP.

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