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Decibel Geek TV – Albums Unleashed Tora Tora Wild America

Albums Unleashed: Tora Tora Wild America w/ Anthony Corder In this hour long video episode, Chris & Aaron talk with Tora Tora frontman Anthony Corder on the making of the band’s 1992 masterpiece Wild America. The guys discuss the recording process at the famous Ardent Studios in Memphis and then do a track by track analysis of the stories and songwriting behind each song. This special video episode for the Decibel Geek TV YouTube channel is full of rare images, video clips and more. Enjoy this video episode of the…

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The Hustle – Bonus – The Songwriting and Collaboration Panel from the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo

Jon was honored to host this panel at the Rock n Pod Expo with four amazing songwriters. Former guests Walter Egan (ep 23) and Robert White Johnson (ep 27), joined future guests Gunnar Nelson and Anthony Corder of Tora Tora each providing a unique glimpse into their individual processes, the stories behind some of their biggest hits, and the influential and big-name collaborators they’ve worked with over the years. I wish the sound quality was better, but it’s still a fascinating historical document of four talented artists. 

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