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Metal Geeks – 146 – Return To Geekery

The Metal Geeks crew return after an unplanned hiatus to give you all the geekery you can handle. Topics include the 10 year celebration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Infinity War, George Hates Metal tackles a metal staple, Bathory, Far Cry 5, Ayreon, Counting Crows, A Quiet Place, and much more! Keep it metal, and oh yeah, keep it geeky!

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Inside Metal – Jonas Akerland

The new INSIDE METAL episode features renown video/movie director JONAS AKERLUND. Jonas has directed music videos from everyone to Metallica, Ozzy, and Rammstein, to Madonna, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, U2, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce. He has also directed classic cult movies Small Apartments, Horsemen and Spun. Jonas is a long-time Metalhead and original drummer for the groundbreaking early ‘80s Swedish death metal band BATHORY. The discussion focuses on early days of Scandinavian Metal and NWOBHM. To check out the episode go here.

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