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Growin Up Rock Podcast – EP040 – Texas Hippie Coalition w/ Big Dad Ritch

Texas Hippie Coalition. Formed in Denison, Texas by vocalist Big Dad Ritch and former bass player John Exall, the band plays a brand of music they they call “Red Dirt Metal”. Imagine if you will, that bands could get together and have a Rock n Roll Love Child. Figuratively speaking if ZZ Top, and Pantera were to get together they would have for sure bred something sounding a lot like Texas Hippie Coalition. Texas Hippie Coalition has been on a consistent run of putting out an album every two years since…

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Guitar World – Texas Hippie Coalition’s Big Dad Ritch Talks New Album and Says “Come Get It”

Texas metal four-piece Texas Hippie Coalition recently announced their fourth Carved Records album, Dark Side of Black, which is slated for an April 22 release. The album embraces the band’s Southern roots while exploring a murky, groovier feel—never straying too far from THC’s tried-and-true brand of rugged outlaw rock. I’ve read that “Rise,” a track from the new album, is meant to be a call to arms for the U.S. With all that’s going on in the nation, what problems do you feelDark Side of Black addresses? The point we’re trying to get across is that flags were…

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National Rock Review – Carolina Rebellion Artist Spotlight: Big Dad Ritch of Texas Hippie Coalition

Some artists are down to earth and others are just going through the grind. And sometimes, just sometimes, you get a feisty, old rocker. NRR: Thanks for taking some time out to answer some questions for National Rock Review. What’s been going on with the band, Texas Hippie Coalition, so far in 2016? Big Dad Ritch: Drinkin’, Smokin’ n’ hell raisin! Same as 2015! NRR: Your last album came out in late 2014. Did Ride On do as well as you had hoped it might with your fans new and…

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