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Pods & Sods Network – Corey Glover Picks the Essential Bill Withers

Corey Glover of Living Colour shares his 10 Essential Bill Withers songs.  As a young kid growing up in New York, Corey first discovered the timeless music of Bill Withers in his home and on long car-rides with the family. The work of Bill Withers would inspire and influence Corey’s life as a performer, vocalist, and songwriter both in Living Colour and in his solo career.  He also shares memories of meeting and getting to know Bill, his appearance in the Still Bill documentary, some insights on the songs, the…

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Let There Be Talk – #344: Dean Delray & Michael Devin “B*tchin” #59

On today’s episode of LET THERE BE TALK its another “B*tchin edition. Michael Devin and i discuss the passing of a legend Mr Don Rickles. We also check into the new Mastodon record, Richard Ashcroft and The Verve and the genius of Bill Withers

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