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Growin Up Rock Podcast – Time Capsule V5 w/ David Hudson

Digital Killed The Radio Star host David Hudson dials in for this episode of Growin’ Up Rock’s Time Capsule. We talk about the Black Crowes and David’s trip to Atlanta to see two sold out nights in the band’s hometown. He shares his Rock N Roll story and talks about why he has an absolute Love Affair with this band. Follow Growin’ Up Rock: Facebook Twitter Instagram Web

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Rock Strikes Ten – Episode 234: The Fallen Of 2016 Vol. III

Logan joins me for yet another tribute to those who left us this year.

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The Aquarian Weekly – An Interview with Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Jessica Guica. How does it feel being in the Brotherhood as opposed to the Crowes? The music sounds looser, more open. Does it feel more open and liberating for you? Definitely. It’s no secret…I speak how I feel now, and people will be like, ‘What the f*ck?!’ It’s so funny how people get so bent out of shape (laughs). Not to diminish The Black Crowes—the best of The Black Crowes I’m really proud of—but there were always inherent problems…and The Black…

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