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The Official Danko Jones Podcast – Episode #171: Jason McMaster (Howling Sycamore, Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Evil United, Ignitor)

Master singer, Jason McMaster, hops on the podcast for a second time to talk about his participation in the new dynamite musical project that is Howling Sycamore (out now on Prosthetic Records).

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Cobras And Fire – Ep 91: Ripe Rock Vol. 7 – Alice Cooper, The Bronx, Sweet & Lynch + more

Ep 91: Ripe (& Moist) Rock Vol. 7 – You need rock for your commute. Because we love you, we have an ep overflowing with new music we recorded together prior to the Rock N Pod Expo as there was zero chance we would have an ep out of time. We discuss the expo, Decibel Geek’s recording studio and feature killer tracks from The Bronx, Alice Cooper, Sweet & Lynch, Jorn, Backyard Babies, Broken Teeth, Audrey Horne (show intro riff from Bobaflex song “Reckless” from their new album Eloquent Demons.

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The Official Danko Jones Podcast – Episode #145: The Rock N’ Roll scene in 2017

Danko pulls focus onto 10 new exciting RNR bands playing today. There needs to be a more cohesive Rock N’ Roll scene and this episode is an attempt. Bands spotlighted – The Biters, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Giuda, Dead Lord, Seventy-Seven, High Spirits, Broken Teeth, La Chinga, Dr. Boogie and Audrey Horne.

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Podcast Episode 137 – Monte Pittman And Jason McMaster

This episode features interviews with two Texans. First up, Madonna guitarist Monte Pittman discussing his latest album Inverted Grasp Of Balance and from the unreleased archives, Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Watchtower, etc. Among the items discussed with Monte include working with Richard Christy and Billy Sheehan on the album, his use of Kemper amps, and the Rhodes influence on his playing. Jason discusses everything from SXSW, his relation with Watchtower, having Dangerous Toys grouped in with L.A. strip bands, and he addresses rumors of being offered the…

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The Official Danko Jones Podcast – Episode #129: Jason McMaster

Jason McMaster, singer of Broken Teeth/Dangerous Toys caught up with Danko to talk about the new Broken Teeth ep – “Bulldozer”, Tom G. Warrior, Gene Simmons, Lemmy, John Corabi, the “Too Much Trouble” book, Metallica boxsets, Charlie Sexton, Bobby Landgraf and the Broken Teeth (UK) band.

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 391: SDTRK15

One last kick at the cat for 2015… We’re going to wrap it up with what heavy music fans love doing – kicking back and cranking the tunage. We spin some of the cool ditties that frequently found a home on our stereos this year, including MELECHESH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, H20, TSJUDER, GAMA BOMB, TENGGER CAVALARY, BROKEN TEETH,  PSYCHOSTICK, and the mighty SLAYER!!!!  In our News, Views , and Tunes, we mourn the loss of Lemmy, discuss ridiculous black metal videos, and embarrass ourselves with our piss poor pronunciations. Finally, we introduce Canuck tech…

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Mars Attacks Podcast 127 – Classic Albums – Misfits – Earth A.D.

Episode 127 of Mars Attacks Podcast focuses on Misfits’ Earth A.D. The podcast features comments from Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein former guitarist of the band, who played on the album, and joined their original lead singer Glenn Danzig, during his Legacy shows to revisit songs originally done by the band. We also have Joel Gausten, who at 17 years of age stepped in and helped the band behind the scenes in many capacities, including jumping behind the drums to jam with Doyle and his brother Jerry Only, while their future…

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The Autopsy Report Online Metal Promo Special Show No 598 – 12th – 18th October 2015

The Autopsy Report and Online Metal Promo presents… “From the Underground to Above Ground”. Featuring bands from the Online Metal Promo roster. Prepare to have your brains scooped out and digested. By an exceedingly hot zombie girl we hasten to add. Does that entice you to tune in? She won’t bite… much.

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 126 – Classic Albums – Sepultura – Arise

Episode 126 of Mars Attacks Podcast continues our Classic Albums series, this time we turn our focus to Sepultura’s 1991 album Arise. The episode features comments by Sepultura lead guitarist Andreas Kisser as well as former lead singer and guitarist Max Cavalera. Their comments revolve around writing, recording, and subsequent tour behind the album, what it was like to begin to receive notoriety from the foreign press, how the band was looked upon in their homeland of Brazil, before and after the release of Arise. Others that lent their comments…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 125 – Classic Albums – Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry

Episode 125 focuses on Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry. The podcast contains some of the usual suspects that have joined us during the sixth year celebration, Alan Tecchio of Level Fields, the guys from Corners Of Sanctuary, Dave Reffett, Josh Christian of Toxik, Stu Marshall and Jeff Martin of Blasted To Static, shredder Joe Stump, fellow New Yorker Ross The Boss of Death Dealer, Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, former Dee Snider pen pal Gene Hoglan, Jason McMaster of Broken Teeth, Carl Canedy of The Rods, from the Howard Stern Show,…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 124 – Classic Albums – Kiss – Kiss

Episode 124 of the Mars Attacks Podcast continues its Classic Albums series, this time around we focus on the 1974 self-titled debut by Kiss. This episode contains interviews from a bunch of different musicians, show hosts, and journalist. Among those you will hear are Roch from Radioactive Metal, Chris and Aaron from the Decibel Geek Podcast, Mitch Lafon of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Racer X’s Jeff Martin, author Marin Popoff, Josh Christian of Toxik, Carl Canedy of The Rods, former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover, Joe Stump, Iced Earth’s…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 123 – Classic Albums – Overkill – Taking Over

Episode 123 continues its Classic Albums series, this time around we focus on Overkill’s Taking Over. This episode will contain comments by Overkill front man Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, and former guitarist Bobby Gustafson. You will also be able to read a Q&A interviews from the band’s original drummer Rat Skates, and former guitarist Joe Comeau below. Others that discuss the album include Feel The Fire producer, and The Rods drummer Carl Canedy, Testament’s Gene Hoglan, Dangerous Toys Jason McMaster, Justin Christian and Bill Bodily of Toxik, fellow New Jersey native…

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Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 122 – Classic Albums – Anthrax – Sound Of White Noise

Episode 122 of Mars Attacks Podcast brings you another entry in the Classic Albums series, the episode focuses on Anthrax’s Sound Of White Noise. Not only will you be able to hear several current and former members of the band discuss the album, but you’ll be able to read a Q&A interview with former Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook on During the podcast you’ll hear current members of the band Charlie Benante and Frank Bello discuss the album. You’ll also hear former lead singer, and vocalist on the album John…

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