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Dave & Dave Unchained – A Van Halen Podcast – DAMON JOHNSON TALKS VH, PLUS LIVE LP DUEL

EPISODE #32 – Rock star Damon Johnson (Brother Cane, Black Star Riders) chews the Van Halen fat with the Daves about growing up worshipping VH, touring with the band in 1995, hangin’ at 5150 with Eddie Van Halen and working with Sammy Hagar on his 1997 post-VH solo album, “Marching to Mars.” Then the dynamic duo referee a live album battle royale: Sammy Hagar-era VH’s “Live: Right Here, Right Now” from 1993 vs. David Lee Roth-era VH’s “Tokyo Dome: Live in Concert” from 2015. Healthy portions of VH News and…

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Decibel Geek Podcast – Conversation with Damon Johnson – Ep326

Damon Johnson joins us this week for a discussion of his incredible career. At the present time, Damon has his hands full with Black Star Riders and his upcoming solo album Memoirs of an Uprising. Damon Johnson really brings it in this long-form talk with some great stories from his career and life. From Brother Cane’s early days opening for such legends as Van Halen, Aerosmith and Robert Plant among others. Additionally, Damon shares his memories of Brother Cane navigating a shifty musical tide in the 1990’s. Damon’s post-Brother Cane…

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon – Cinderella, Thin Lizzy/Black Star Riders & Inglorious

On this episode, Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer discusses his latest release, ownership of the Cinderella band name, drummer Cozy Powell, having released only four studio albums with Cinderella and more. Thin Lizzy/ Black Star Riders guitarist Damon Johnson discusses the band’s upcoming tour with Judas Priest, his latest solo album Birmingham Tonight, Brother Cane, Alice Cooper, Skid Row and much more. Finally, singer Nathan James of brilliant new UK band, Inglorious, discusses their latest album, making it in North America, Guns N Roses and more. Also, on this episode Mitch…

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Guitar World – Damon Johnson Talks Black Star Riders, Brother Cane and New EP, “Echo”

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Iron City Rocks own John Katic. You have a nice mix of styles on Echo. How do you approach writing for a solo release? It’s interesting that you mention the dynamics of these five songs. I feel that’s been the theme of my career. I’ve never really been committed to just one direction. I have a lot of friends in other bands that have been successful, but they’re kind of known for a sound they might not be able to step…

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Rock Music Star – Interview – Thin Lizzy / Black Star Riders – Damon Johnson

Here is a sample of the interview conducted by Thomas S. Orwat Jr. for Rock Music Stars. RMS:  Now, you have these five amazing songs.  Was there ever a thought of writing another five more, and putting out a full record? DJ:  Well, ironically, Thomas, that is the plan.  I had limited time; I had a limited budget when I started this thing.  What I have discovered, just kind of working with my team of people, is that everybody agreed that it was important to get it out.  Cross the…

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One On One With Mitch Lafon – 212 Damon Johnson & Paul Nelson

Ep. 212 of One On One With Mitch Lafon featuring guitarists Damon Johnson & Paul Nelson Black Star Riders & Thin Lizzy guitarist Damon Johnson as well as Paul Nelson join Mitch for episode 212 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. In the episode’s first interview Damon Johnson talks about his latest EP ‘Echo’, working on the upcoming Black Star Riders album, the 2016 Thin Lizzy dates, Ricky Warwick, his days with Brother Cane and the Van Halen tour, his time with Sammy Hagar and much more.

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