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The Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll Show – Corey Glover & Mike Ciro (Living Colour) – On The Strengff

This week Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson are joined by the lead singer and guitar player of the rock band Living Colour, Corey Glover and Mike Ciro! They recap Shannon’s molly episode including what happened to the mystery strippers, how we knew each person was feeling it and find out what happened when recording stopped, ideas for future SDR games, weird stuff that happens late night at the new studio when no one is around, Ralph’s Dick Tale, the success of Living Colour and the David Bowie Tribute, a live in-studio…

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Pods & Sods Network – Corey Glover Picks the Essential Bill Withers

Corey Glover of Living Colour shares his 10 Essential Bill Withers songs.  As a young kid growing up in New York, Corey first discovered the timeless music of Bill Withers in his home and on long car-rides with the family. The work of Bill Withers would inspire and influence Corey’s life as a performer, vocalist, and songwriter both in Living Colour and in his solo career.  He also shares memories of meeting and getting to know Bill, his appearance in the Still Bill documentary, some insights on the songs, the…

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The Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll Show – Corey Glover, Zac Amico & Rob Mailloux (Singer Of Living Colour & Comedians) – Shiprocked 2018 – Day One

This week Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson are coming to you from day one the Shiprocked Cruise along with the awesome guests – the lead singer of Living Colour Corey Glover, and comedians Zac Amico and Rob Mailloux. They scan the audience and find the cat lady from last year along with a few other lovely, naked painted ladies and try to figure out how they keep the paint on, they discuss ship work-out routines, why Zac is where he belongs, birthday milestones, past Shiprocked cruises and plenty more!

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The Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll Show – Corey Glover & Bill Schulz (Lead Vocalist – Living Colour & TV/Radio Personality) – Various Degrees Of Losing

This week Ralph Sutton is joined by Corey Glover (Lead Vocalist of Living Colour) sitting in as cohost for Big Jay Oakerson along with guest Bill Schulz (Formerly of Fox’s Red Eye and host of Mornin on Compound Media!  They get into Bill starting off the night by shedding some blood, how different liquors effect people differently, Bill’s transition into radio from Red Eye, Corey weighs in on Ralph and Jay’s performance with Skid Row, Ralph’s dating story that drives Corey to drink, dating younger girls, Corey’s new album, how…

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The Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll Show – Corey Glover & Sal Vulcano (Musician & Impractical Jokers) – 3 Year Anniversary Family Feud With Consequences

This week Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson celebrate the SDR Show’s 3 Year Anniversary with the Family Feud With Consequences live event!  They’re joined by Corey Glover (Living Colour), Sal Vulcano (Impractical Jokers), Alia Janine (Porn Star/Comedian), and the GaS Digital family Luis J. Gomez, Dave Smith and Chris from Brooklyn!

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Talk Is Jericho – Living Colour

The entire lineup of Living Colour – singer Corey Glover, guitarist Vernon Reid, bassist Doug Wimbish, and drummer Will Calhoun – join TIJ to wax poetic on music, culture, breaking boundaries and The Rolling Stones! They’ve got some of the best Stones stories you’ll hear including how Mick Jagger helped them get their start. They’re also talking CM Punk, “Cult Of Personality,” the legendary CBGB’s in NYC, and taking on the great Oprah Winfrey herself!

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