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Metal Geeks – 146 – Return To Geekery

The Metal Geeks crew return after an unplanned hiatus to give you all the geekery you can handle. Topics include the 10 year celebration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Infinity War, George Hates Metal tackles a metal staple, Bathory, Far Cry 5, Ayreon, Counting Crows, A Quiet Place, and much more! Keep it metal, and oh yeah, keep it geeky!

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Let There Be Talk – #376: Jim Bogios / Drummer for the Counting Crows

On today’s episode of LET THERE BE TALK my guest is the great Jim Bogios drummer/band member of the Counting Crows. Before Jim joined the Counting Crows he was a full on Drummer for Hire playing with some of the biggest acts in the music biz including Sheryl Crow,Dixie Chicks,Stevie Nicks and Ben Folds. Jim also played on my debut solo record Lone Mountain Serenade. Catch Counting Crows out on tour right now with Matchbox 20.

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The Aquarian Weekly – Views From The Road – The Adam Duritz Interview

Here is a sample of an interview conducted by James Campion. A Counting Crows show always features unique versions of your songs, as the band often follows your lead on stage, which always appears to be extemporaneous. You get into an emotional state and you take a song into different directions, which is remarkable when considering how many musicians you work with. Oh, yeah. That’s exactly how it happens. The first time you try something it might not be all that good, but as you work it through more and…

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