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Revolver – Inside Deftones’ ‘Around the Fur’: Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter on Game-Changing Album

White Pony may have been the Deftones’ commercial high point and most critically acclaimed release, but its predecessor, 1997’s Around the Fur, was their creative turning point when the band really found itself and the full range of its expansive, expressive sound. In the first episode of Revolver’s new “Game Changers” series, singer Chino Moreno and guitarist Stephen Carpenter look back at the defiant creative spirit, late-night parties and last-second studio improvisations that led to some of their most timeless music.

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Revolver – Chino Moreno Talks Deftones’ Creative Process, Why “Conflict Is Great”

In August 2017, we visited Chino Moreno in Bend, Oregon, where he lives, and talked to him about his deep relationship with music and how it relates to the Deftones’ creative process. “I listen to music every day. Every morning I wake up and find something new to listen to,” he enthuses in our video interview. “I’m still fucking excited about music.” He also talks about how inter-band conflict fuels and challenges the group creatively, and how he thinks Stephen Carpenter’s guitar playing is “one of the most — if…

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Revolver – Drinking With Deftones: Inside the Band’s Signature Craft Beer at the Belching Beaver Brewery

In the fall of 2016, alt-metal trailblazers the Deftones entered the world of craft beer with a signature India pale ale “Phantom Bride,” which they followed up this summer with another IPA, “Swerve City.” Revolver recently joined the band at San Diego’s Belching Beaver Brewery, which produces both ales, to drink beer, talk beer and help make beer. Deftones’ singer and resident hops head Chino Moreno enthuses in our exclusive video report: “It’s like, when you’re a kid, being in a toy factory.”

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Banger TV – DEFTONES singer Chino Moreno interviewed about vocal influences and nu metal in 2010 | Raw & Uncut

Deftones singer Chino Moreno interviewed in Toronto in 2010 by Sam Dunn for the series Metal Evolution about his vocal influences — Mike Patton to Morrissey — and how he felt about the nu metal explosion. This extended interview excerpt is presented raw and uncut, with new director’s commentary.

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The Sideshow Podcast – Episode 298: Exist, Suffocation, Bear 2017 Album Reviews + The Faceless Preview + Deftones and More Live Review

So Not Feeling It Well, at least one of your hosts was not really into this week’s albums.  The other hosts’ opinions varied.  They did agree, though, they liked the First Impression and they love the Deftones live…but you knew the latter part from the few times they were reviewed before.

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The Eddie Trunk Podcast – ET- Bob Ezrin

Producer Bob Ezrin returns for a full hour and a half interview on this episode to discuss his storied career, which includes working with bands such as Deep Purple, KISS, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Jane’s Addiction, Deftones, and tons more! Tune in to find out how he got his start and what it’s like to work with the biggest names in rock and metal!

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Talk Toomey – Ep. 93 Scott Bowling (Good Company with Bowling)

Friend of the show, Scott Bowling joins the podcast this week. Scott and the guys talk about his new online show Good Company with Bowling. Scott also picks a nice playlist of tunes. Music from Sevendust, Sepultua, Living Colour, Deftones, Faith No More and My Therapy are all featured.

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Fret12 – Stephen Carpenter of Deftones: The Sound and The Story (Short)

Formed by three childhood friends from Sacramento, California, Deftones is a musical force of nature as unpredictable as the weather itself. Within five years of forming, the band signed with major label Maverick Records and set off on a multi-decade musical rollercoaster with as many highs, lows, twists, and turns as any hard rock band in history. Having built an insatiable fan base by literally spending years on the road, it’s this same fan base that has benefitted the most for believing in “their band.” These fans have been reaping…

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Demon Cleaners – Portuguese – Temporada 5 Episódio 8 – Are You Ready Demon?

Nesta semana os Demon Cleaners estiveram a preparar os Demónios e passaram por cá:

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Ritual Madness Podcast – Episode #151,Black Flood Diesel Returns!

Episode #151, Black Flood Diesel Return! BFD has been a long running band in the Twin Cities, Returning from a short hiatus Mr.Moog & the boys ( guitarists Don Tinsley & Chris Winter) joined us for a blast back into time with the band and a look into what the future holds!! Also a special guest Luke Williamson of A:POD & Jealous Jester jumped in on this madness ENJOY!!!

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