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Pods & Sods Network – EM74 – Rod Morgenstein

Rod Morgenstein of Dixie Dregs and Winger joins Eric in conversation to discuss his early days discovering drums, moving to Miami and his first connections with Steve Morse and the formation of Dixie Dregs, memories of working with Ken Scott and recording the first couple Dregs albums, playing in front of his musical heroes in the 70s, how he first connected with Kip Winger and Reb Beach, what was his experience like moving from jazz fusion to a more straight ahead rock drummer, thoughts on the grunge era and the…

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Iron City Rocks – Episode 370: Andy West of the Dixie Dregs and Keith Harkin

In Episode 370 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we are joined by Andy West of the Dixie Dregs. Andy, a founding member, talks about the reunion of the original line that are currently touring the US. Andy talks to us about what brought them all back together at this point in their career, how the band was marketed in the early stages of their career, the chemistry being back together and much more. We are also joined by Keith Harkin who recently released In The Round which features a…

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The Eddie Trunk Podcast – ET- Rod Morgenstein

Best known for drumming in bands such as Dixie Dregs and Winger, Rod Morgenstein joins Eddie Trunk on this episode to discuss new band Jelly Jam. The esteemed drummer also gives an in depth look into how he started his career and discusses transitioning genres, working with Steve Morris, teaching at Berkeley, and more!

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Focus On Metal – EP 293 – Rod Morgenstein

This week our guest is drummer Rod Morgenstein. Rod is primarily known for his work with Winger however he’s active in several other bands including The Jelly Jam with Ty Tabor And John Myung. They just released their fourth disc “Profit” and are heading out on tour in support of it.

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No Guitar Is Safe – Episode 21 — Steve Morse

Steve Morse has inspired generations of players with his brilliant instrumentals and soaring guitar melodies. On this episode of No Guitar Is Safe, the Dixie Dregs/Deep Purple/Steve Morse Band guitar hero plugs in with host Jude Gold to jam a little and find the common thread between guitar, aviation, composition, and welding.

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