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Speak And Destroy – Gary Holt

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt on Kirk Hammett teaching him his first chords; Kirk leaving Exodus for Metallica; the early days of the Bay Area thrash scene; “Creeping Death” and the old Exodus song “Die By His Hand”; the magic right hand of James Hetfield; the Big 4; Paul Baloff; honoring the Jeff Hanneman in Slayer; the next Exodus album; and more.

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The Rock And Roll Geek Show – 816 – Chris Tsangarides Tribute

On this episode I pay tribute to Chris Tsangarides, who passed away this week. He produced the Exodus album that I played on. He was a really nice man and a great talent.

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Talking Metal – TM 697 Rob Dukes & Vessel Of Light

On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl talks with former Exodus & current Generation Kill vocalist Rob Dukes and Ancient VVisdom’s Nathan Opposition, also of Vessel Of Light. The Rob Dukes interview starts at the 14:30 mark.  Topics include the new lineup of Generation Kill, his new Dukes EP, Scott Reeder, Mikey Doling, Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels, Fragile Mortals, his current relationship with Exodus, Blade Runner and much more. The interview with Nathan Opposition from Vessel Of Light and Ancient VVisdom starts 53:25 into the show.  Topics include Ancient VVisdom, Charles…

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Metal Wani – EXODUS’ Tom Hunting on U.S. Tour with Obituary, Upcoming Album, SLAYER & Tours (2017)

Jessie David from Metal Wani had a chance to talk with Tom Hunting from Exodus. They talked about going on tour with Obituary, the process of the follow up album to Blood In Blood Out, and working with Gary Holt. The new album is slightly delayed but only because Exodus want to make it as good as possible. We can expect a thrashing new Exodus album in the future, as Tom said “It’s coming!”

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The Rock And Roll Geek Show – 804 – Rock N Pod Expo Talking Metal Cohost Donor

Mark Strigl of the Talking Metal podcast guest co-hosts at the Rock n Pod Expo This is day 31 the Dog Days of Podcasting, where a bunch of podcast nerds attempt to do a show a day for the month of August.

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That Drummer Guy – Steve Zetro Souza of Exodus

This is my interview with Steve Zetro Souza of Exodus. This was taken place on Monday, August 28th, 2017. In this interview we talk about the upcoming Battle OF The Bays tour with Obituary, Power Trip and Dust Bowl starting September 14th. We also discuss the writing process for the new “Evil” album from Exodus, legendary bands still writing their best material, playing what the fans want to hear with passion and so much more.

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Talking Metal – Talking Metal 677 Rob Dukes

On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl speaks with Rob Dukes about the new Fragile Mortals album The Dark Project, Generation Kill, his recent reconnection with Exodus and his upcoming gig with them.  The interview with Rob starts 17:45 into the episode.  It was recorded on July 2nd, 2017. Listen to “TM 677 Rob Dukes” on Spreaker.

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Total Rock Radio – TotalRocks Sour Challenge Pt.I Download 2017

We got all out guests to undertake the incredibly super sour challenge over the weekend, here’s how day one, Friday, went! Featuring Issues, Brutai, Dead Label, The One Hundred, Blackwater Conspiracy, Red Sun Rising, Five Finger Death Punch, Northlane, The Contortionist, Astroid Boys, The Raven Age, Motionless In White, The Devil Wears Prada, Holding Absence, Sabaton, Exodus, Mike James Rock Show.

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ARfm – The Unchained Rock Show – Download Festival 2017 Review. Part 2 aired 22nd June 2017

The Unchained Rock Show Download 2017 Review Show part 2. Featuring interviews from Download 2017 with Like A Storm, The One Hundred, Exodus, Brutai, The Raven Age, Sabaton, The Contortionist, Holding Absence and The Devil Wears Prada.

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Radioactive Metal – Episode 456: Weeding Out The Weak

“It’s 4/20, Dude!” (In our worst/best Jeff Spicoli). On April 20th, we couldn’t think of a band we’d rather see in our hometown than the mighty WEEDEATER. The North Carolina metaller’s stoner/doom stylings is the perfect soundtrack to celebrate “The Devil’s Lettuce” in 2017. We dragged bass/vox Dixie Dave Collins away from the merch booth long enough to share some thoughts. We discuss the latest record Goliathan, their controversial monicker, and their fish-out-of-water story with Season of Mist. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we talk RAM on public transit, trade…

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