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Metal Obsession – “It’ll be loud, intense and a very emotional experience.” – An Interview with George Clarke (Deafheaven)

HEre is a sample of the interview conducted by Prathana. Being the creators of such an unorthodox style of music, George also shared his thoughts on how different people’s views are on the band. “I mean I kind of expect the very mixed reactions now – I never used to though. None of us were used to it. People at times, called us the pioneers of  the sound, that is merging the likes of black metal, shoegaze etc. But the truth is, we’re influenced by so many different bands who…

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Loudwire – 5 Questions With Deafheaven Vocalist George Clarke: ’New Bermuda’ + Touring

  Here is a sample of the 5 Questions article Liz Ramanand conducted with George Clarke. Deafheaven performed at both weekends of this year’s massive Coachella Festival and now they are gearing up for some international dates in Australia and all over South America this summer. We caught up with frontman George Clarke who talked about the band’s latest release New Bermuda and their plans to continue touring on it. Check out our full interview below with George Clarke of Deafheaven below: If you could be in any band, besides Deafheaven,…

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The Metalsucks Podcast – Episode 117 – George Clarke Of Deafheaven

George Clarke from Deafheaven guests this week. We find out what he thinks about the band’s meteoric trajectory since their inception just a few years ago, what it means to be critically accepted, shaping the band while members are leaving (and what that means to the bands sound), his relationship with the other bandmates and whether he might need therapy soon. Go here to read more.

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