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Noche De Rock – Spanish – 1150 – Ghost – Sollen

Tenemos el nuevo álbum de Ghost como Disco de la Semana. En los clásicos seguimos con Los Suaves en el momento en el que para nosotros comenzaba su mejor época. En cuanto a la entrevista los protagonistas son Söllen que vienen a presentar su primer álbum. Por último Coral de Spin-Off nos ayuda con nuestro Spoiler Alert! comentando Orange is the new Black.

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The Cassius Morris Show – TCMS: 095 Ghost ‘Prequelle’ Album Review

Today, Cassius Morris gives an in-depth review of Ghost’s fourth studio album, “Prequelle”. “Prequelle” is an album of arena-ready anthems, progressive rock, black metal and pop-rock, featuring shimmering, polished production over 80s influenced music and vocals.

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Cobras And Fire – Ep 127: Ripe Rock 2018

What’s that delicious smell? That’s Ripe Rock right out of the oven. This ep is overflowing with tasty new music selected by us and our listeners.. and a few tracks as fresh as LC’s movie references. Featuring music from: Ghost, Red City Radio, Animal Drive, Local H, Standstills, Blue Stones, Diablo Blvd, Sons of Apollo, Machine Head, Collective Soul Asylum, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Turbonegro. This was recorded on Memorial Day. America F Yeah!

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105.7 The Point – Tobias Forge on Ghost’s live show: “It’s way more organic now…”

The Point’s Donny Fandango sits down with Tobias Forge, the mastermind behind Ghost to pick his brain on Ghost’s success over the past few years, how the band has changed, and his vision for the future of Ghost. On Ghost’s live show, Forge commented, “We’re now doing a lot of things that I had on the to-do list ten years ago.”

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